>cannot escape big tent poetry #21 haibun

>Set the flowers down or put them in a vase. Water is the element, so needed to sustain. Walk on walls, with broken glass, too fitting for my taste. I could see you on the horizon. Balls of fire sent from the sky. Where fairies in disguise are hiding.

Water fire glass
Ice melts-flowers wilt in the sun
Much to my surprise

Old witches stand around to watch, you beautify, as they age.
Take seeds of pleasure from their pockets and turn them into gold.
As ice forms on withered brows. Frozen and ready to crumble.
Oh, isn’t it hell getting old. Immortality is never vexed.

Beautiful gold seeds
Scattered on the open fields
Death can’t be denied


52 responses to “>cannot escape big tent poetry #21 haibun

  1. >Ah, aging is always on the horizon, and all flowers eventually wilt. (Even us.) An interesting haibun, Pamela

  2. >Another totally poetic haibun, Pamela – prose and verse both. What a fruitful prompt this has been.

  3. >No escape indeed. Never seen a funeral without flowers, either.

  4. >Beautiful haibun Pamela, so much of poetry in prose and verse.

  5. >This is sheer poetry. In prose and both the haiku!Haibun: seedy deeds

  6. >I've been thinking about this a lot lately and your poem really states it well.

  7. >Immortality doesn't stop you growing old, Pamela. Better ask for eternal youth! Your haibun is intriguing.

  8. >i feel like you've shown us that fairy tale universe while keeping us mindful of how serious those stories are. and you've done it while keeping it all so beautiful!

  9. >I think this is one of your best descriptive poems, Pamela. Love the whole thing!

  10. >Excellently blended work! Love the haibun! =)-Weasel

  11. >Mary, yes, all beautiful flowers must wilt!Pamela

  12. >Viv,Now, that is a compliment coming from you!Thanks.Pamela

  13. >Thanks Deborah.Pamela

  14. >Wouldn't be much of a funeral. Would it, Ron?Pamela

  15. >Thanks so much, Uma.Pamela

  16. >Thanks for that, Gautami!Pamela

  17. >Linda, I think we all do at some point, thanks.Pamela

  18. >DerrickThank you.Pamela

  19. >Carolee, thanks for introducing me to this form.And thanks for the nice compliment.Pamela

  20. >Thanks, Diane. I enjoyed writing it as well.Pamela

  21. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  22. >I love the theme of your poem. Great tribute to a lovely bride (and to aging). I am also vexed. Your haibun was a pleasure to read. Además, me gustó tu poema "Viejo mi querido viejo – Piero."Hasta luego,Don

  23. >Muchas gracias, mi amigo, Don,Nos vemosPamelabtw I have loved that song for a long time and it always brings tears to my eyes. And Katia is gorgeous inside and out.

  24. >A wonderful haibun, Pamela, echoing my own thoughts lately about the transience of life! Beautiful images you've painted, and a vivid reminder that we must enjoy every moment of our lives while we're here…:)

  25. >Thanks Lynette!Much appreciated. Pamela

  26. >Beautiful prose here. I love the image of the witches followed by the gold seeds scattered on the fields. This is so vivid.

  27. >JamesThanks and I will do more of this form.I found it quite liberating.Pamela

  28. >The haiku are like the seeds picked from the pockets of witches. This one stands up and sings Pamela, all of it,Elizabeth

  29. >Elizabeth Thanks so much and I really enjoyed writing this haibun. In fact these are the first haikus, I have ever written. I have never felt at all comfortable writing them, so this was a breakthrough for me.Pamela

  30. >I love the way you wrote this and the imagery it evokes, the witches, the seeds, the final, frozen feeling~! Well written, loved it!

  31. >Beautiful haibun! I love the imagery of the scattered gold seeds. Hope amidst death.

  32. >Haunting and so true death cannot be denied, aging moves forward no mater how we will it to stop, this is very eloquent.

  33. >Can't find my comment, but I liked your haibun

  34. >Ellie thanks so much!Pamela

  35. >Thanks Nan and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  36. >It does indeed Amanda and thanks!Pamela

  37. >Thanks Marian!Pamela

  38. >wow, Pamela! I like the way you do prose! terrific images; makes me wonder if shakespeare's gonna walk into the room. 😀

  39. >Wow, Angie thanks so much!Pamela

  40. >Very nice – the honesty and sweetness of this is wonderful. I fear there is no escape. 🙂

  41. >you did a nice job with this Pam

  42. >Susan thanks so much!Pamela

  43. >Thanks Wayne CheersPamela

  44. >Such potent words. Wow, Pamela. I am enthralled. My haibun

  45. >Thanks so much Julie!Pamela

  46. >An enjoyable read. I like how you played with words: flowers and water in the first prose part and the following haiku, and then gold and seeds in the next two. Such delightful images – and a theme lots of us identify with.

  47. >Thanks, Mr. Walker, it is something to which we can all relate.

  48. >Don't know what I like more…your prose or your haiku. Well done.

  49. >Thanks so much B.C.Pamela

  50. >We are very interested in your work and encourage you to enter our call for POETRY.Entry forms and information can be found on the 'art calls' page atwww.new-art-review.com. You can easily upload your work online. Deadline OCTOBER 1Thank you in advance for your time. Your work is just what we are looking for! If you choose to enter you will have at least one poem published in the book since I contacted you!Randy

  51. >Thanks RandyI will go check it out.Pamela

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