>I am not so whimsy writer’s island #22 whimsy

>Pretty girls with pink ribbons and curls
Grow up to be women
Tough little boys with army truck toys
Grow up to be men
Puppies say please, while scratching their fleas
Grow up to be dogs
Play ring around the rosey, it’s a pocket full of posey
Hopscotch in the park, hide ‘n’ seek in the dark
At the edge of the yellowbrick road, tell me do you see a toad
If you do, give him a kiss

22 responses to “>I am not so whimsy writer’s island #22 whimsy

  1. >Beautifully whimsical 🙂

  2. >Thanks Anthony, I appreciate that!Pamela

  3. >This is definitely filled with whimsy, Pamela. Hmm, I hope the toad turns into something good if I kiss him. LOL.

  4. >Mary, I felt so lame writing this piece.It just does not seem right to me. Thanks!Pamela

  5. >very whimsical I love this "At the edge of the yellowbrick road, tell me do you see a toadIf you do, give him a kiss" Terribly cute!

  6. >How sweet of you Amanda!Pamela

  7. >Sassy and pert. How I love this poem, it sounds like kids playing!

  8. >Could be Diane!Pamela

  9. >You say you felt lame writing this, but that's what we have to do – force ourselves out of the mould – to make any progress as poets. Your poem is of the kind to make a gaggle of children giggle.Where can I find a toad?I’m in need of a handsome prince.But how do I kiss the toadwhen I find it?I can’t even touch my toes.ViV

  10. >Cracking last line; unexpected.

  11. >Viv I totally agree and thanks for the nudge.I like the toad poem.Pamela

  12. >Thanks Tilly. Seems, I surprised myself writing it.Pamela

  13. >Absolutely whimsical! =)-Weasel

  14. >pink ribbons and curls are a bit yucky, but toads…I believe toads are whimsical. yes.

  15. >love the way your words play.amazing job.

  16. >Pamela, never criticize yourself for trying, pat yourself on the back, because so many wouldn't even think of it. I like your whimsy and the last line is terrific. Elizabeth

  17. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  18. >I suppose you are right wysfool!Pamela

  19. >Thanks Jingle!Pamela

  20. >Elizabeth thanks and I had some difficulty writing this!Pamela

  21. >For someone who is not a whimsical writer, this is very good.Melanie

  22. >Thanks Melanie! This was difficult for me.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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