>Hope carry on tuesday #72

>It started out as a feeling
Which grew into hope:
I searched in open drawers,
looked in locked-up wardrobes.
Could never find what I wanted.
I ran into the yard, stumbled upon a rose bush,
bleeding, red and coppery to my senses,
dripping on the pavement into crevices,
in warm, circular pools, coagulating,
formed, crusted, little dried up rivers.
My hope was all I had, now it’s lost.


12 responses to “>Hope carry on tuesday #72

  1. >a feeling grows into a hope.lost in the end,what a heartfelt piece.love your word painting.

  2. >bitter but not quite :)good job

  3. >Lost hope – it's just so sad.

  4. >Nicely done, liked it!

  5. >Such heartfelt sadness in this poem, very well penned though!! Thanks for linking my friend, Potluck's very happy to have you xxx

  6. >Jingle thanks!Pamela

  7. >ssina thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  8. >Thanks and I like that site buttercup!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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