>Mine we write poems color scheme #21

Cobalt blue carries through, it strikes. Red sums up the feelings of anger. Combined it is the purple of royalty that rushes in with great awry. Felt under the light blue sky. Flash red – yellow of the orange sun, with its heat. It floats here in this universe, set them free. Bursts, splashes and splatters to the foreground. Mixed together, becoming a kaleidoscope of colours.
Blue red yellow green
These colours fly around me
Combined, they are mine


22 responses to “

  1. >Pamela, you have used color well in this poem…but I would say that no color is predominant, though for me here red has the strongest 'voice.'

  2. >Pretty much a primary colour girl, which is probably very appropriate for Mexico!

  3. >Pamela, you are like me… love all colors except black, white, brown and navy, LOL. I love this haibun form of poetry.

  4. >Pamela, you go girl, you are dancing and splashing all over that canvas. And that last line is soooooooooooo right. Colors don't speak unless we own them,Elizabeth

  5. >Thanks Tilly and one of my first poems I wrote was about colours. Pamela

  6. >Thanks Mary and red is a very dominant colour in my belief.Pamela

  7. >Derrick, yes here in Mexico you can find a lot of vibrant colours. Viva Mexico!Pamela

  8. >Thanks Diane and I love colours!Pamela

  9. >Elizabeth that is so true!Thanks!Pamela

  10. >great work with the fragmented sentences and prose-like look. you get some really chaotic energy from that.

  11. >Nice post. I am an artist too but love to paint with words.Melanie

  12. >Barb, thanks for that.Painting at times seems chaotic. Pamela

  13. >Melanie thanks for visiting and colours are a wonderful thing. Pamela

  14. >A bright sunny day in Mexico! I love the colors there. Nice haibun (some day I am going to write "hairbun"

  15. >Sounds like fun Marian!;)Pamela

  16. >Yes, its amazing what those colors can do.

  17. >Very … colorful! Well done … write on target.Poem on …

  18. >Thanks Jamie!Pamela

  19. >Colours everywhere Gautami!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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