>Charles Bukowski-Alone with everybody

Flesh covers the bone

and they put

brain and

Sometimes a soul

and the women

vases against the walls

and the men drink too

and nobody finds the one

but still



in bed

flesh covers

bone and

flesh searches for more meat.

there is no possibility:

we are all trapped

a destination


nobody ever finds the one.

slums are filled

landfills are filled

asylums are filled

the graveyards fill




4 responses to “>Charles Bukowski-Alone with everybody

  1. >Wonderful words and love the flow of it =) An unexpected ending for me though. Before i go, there is something for you, Pamela^^I am here to present you the award Sweet Princess :D~ as well as another 3 awards for you! =Phttp://riikainfinityy.com/2010/09/30/sweet-princess-award-by-jingle-and-3-lovely-awards-for-everyone-p/Have a fun week ahead!=P

  2. >I like Bukowski … also do like the photo of your pup on the blog roll …Am here from Jingle's Rally . . . a bit late, but looking for your Rally poem.I'll search on and enjoy your blog …

  3. >lovely poem,easy to read and easy to feel.Thanks for sharing.

  4. >Oh, I like this very much. Lovely and dark.Melanie

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