>Skating big tent poetry #22 `let an adventure spark a poem`

>Snow covers the ground.
Magic ice castles are on a crystalline surface.
Cold air nips at all senses, glide on to the setting.
Friction over the ice.
As ice curls and cuts on shiny blades.
(rock over and bite)
Bodies bent radially, flexing of knees,
increase, momentum,
cut into the ice.
Into another world . . .
Descend . . .


33 responses to “>Skating big tent poetry #22 `let an adventure spark a poem`

  1. >I love seeing the chips of ice flying in this poem, Pamela. I used to love to skate too, Pamela, in the days when there were neighborhood OUTDOOR skating rinks!

  2. >Pamela, your words brought the ice skating experience alive. I loved the ending. I can feel the descent!

  3. >nips-curls-cuts – a wonderfully vivid poem, Pamela.BTW, your students are gorgeous.

  4. >For a while there, I thought i was skating, images so vivid in my head, Great work xk

  5. >It would be nice to think I could do this, Pamela, but I'll have to settle for skating vicariously through you! I can see my breath on the air!

  6. >Wonderfully visual piece! =)-Weasel

  7. >Mary this was actually a lake by my house on Long Island and they were some of my best childhood memories. Nothing like Rockefeller skating rink in the city.Pamela

  8. >Diane thanks and it was a time to remember!Pamela

  9. >Thanks Tilly and Katia and Juan are that!Quite nice kids, too!Pamela

  10. >It is never too late, Gautami!Pamela

  11. >Thanks kashaw!And thanks for visiting!Pamela

  12. >Thanks Derrick and it is great exercise,Pamela

  13. >Thanks for that, Weasel!Pamela

  14. >Used to skate when I was a child, outdoor rink in the park across the street. We spent every moment that we could over there. Thanks for the vivid memories,Elizabeth

  15. >I would have been too timid. So much speed.

  16. >Beautifully descriptive of ice skating. Nice work!!

  17. >Brrrr…chilly memories! 🙂

  18. >I can see it all a if you painted a picture.

  19. >Pamela, interesting to read that you were a Long Islander. My childhood skating memories were from Central Wisconsin in my home town. The city used to flood tennis courts and baseball diamonds in the winter so kids could skate. I loved those days too.

  20. >What a nippy feel and movement to your piece. I enjoyed.

  21. >ah…beautiful. Living in the desert, ice skating is something I've never done. (That and the fact that I am a clumsy ox!)

  22. >Wow, what memories. I used to skate on Miller's Pond on Long Island, in my childhood. (Not that I was ever much of a skater, though.)What was your lake?

  23. >Elizabeth thanks and it was great fun!Sometimes I go to the indoor rink,We have a nice one here,Pamela

  24. >pwf, well you cannot be afraid of speed in order to skate (well)!Pamela

  25. >Thanks Susan! Some great memories for me!Pamela

  26. >Jinksy, yes, it was very cold, but that was part of the excitement!Pamela

  27. >Linda thanks!Pamela

  28. >Mary, yes those were the days!I lived a good portion of my childhood on Long Island. I am a south shore girl!Pamela

  29. >Thanks Irene!Pamela

  30. >Cynthia thanks so much!Pamela

  31. >Thanks Cara. It was Argyle Park just one block from my house. Where is Miller's Pond? This was on the south shore.Pamela

  32. >Pamela– I'm from the north shore: Smithtown. You can see Miller's Pond quite well on Google maps.

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