>we write poems #22 what’s for dinner

Take your lover in your arms
Change the colours
to black and white
Chanel No. 5
Eyedropper of oil
flowers, rose du mai, jasmine,
and a synthetic musk
‘a concrete’ to ‘an absolute’
Blend to create a scent for the world
A memory is stirred by the trace of a bouquet
Chanel No. 5
A millinery girl with flair


19 responses to “>we write poems #22 what’s for dinner

  1. >What a lovely sensual recipe, Pamela! Love is in the air.

  2. >Pamela, your recipe is indeed 'scent-ual' as well as delightful.

  3. >Diane, nice comment!I like how you used a perfume to tell a story, Pamela.

  4. >Refreshing! This made me think of the movie.

  5. >Like all of the scents you used to make sense of your story. Great recipe,Elizabeth

  6. >What fun to read of the scents of the world and what makes the milinery girl with a flair who she is. Beautiful.

  7. >Thanks Mary! I wasn't sure where to go with this prompt!Pamela

  8. >Thanks for saying so Diane!Pamela

  9. >Thanks Tilly!I had some trouble getting this one done. I just recently saw the movie about Coco and Igor and decided I would write about perfume.Pamela

  10. >Thanks Irene! I enjoyed that movie and it gave me this idea.Pamela

  11. >Thanks so much Elizabeth!Pamela

  12. >Judy thanks for that.Pamela

  13. >Oh, this is really smelly (in a good way). Salute.Side note: On first read, I saw "military girl." Wow. Double take.

  14. >A sensual poem that's delightful.

  15. >Linda thanks!Pamela

  16. >Sense of smell is so sensual. You depicted that well here!a subtle hint

  17. >Thanks Gautami!Pamela

  18. >the power of perfume…. we all gotta start somewhere.. you have created a wonderful scene…

I appreciate all comments.

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