>This could not be me poets united #18 complaints

>I just close my mind, sing to myself
Nothing ever satisfies
Soup is cold, meat never cooked enough,
Vegetables overdone
Send it back
All you ever do is whine and cry
My hair, my shoes, my makeup just isn’t right
The weather is too cold, cloudy, sunny, rainy
Hasn’t been a perfect day since ’56
Year before you were born
When I see the reflection in the glass
I know it must not be mine, it has to be yours


10 responses to “>This could not be me poets united #18 complaints

  1. >Pamela, I love it! It makes me seriously chuckle. The weather especially, there is always something to complain about. And as far as food goes, of course the complaints couldn't be yours….(or mine). LOL.

  2. >So funny! The perfect day before you were born – hilarious!!!! I love it!

  3. >It could never be us!Thanks!Pamela

  4. >Thanks Sherry and it has to be true!Pamela

  5. >if one wants to look at life in a dark light, yes, it is indeed dark..find the twilight maybe hopeful..cool attitude,bliss is yours if you choose to.love your poem!

  6. >Singing to oneself is always a good thing. Your poem really made me smile!

  7. >Thanks Jingle and I appreciate the invite to the poets rally but unfortunately I cannot attend.Pamela

  8. >Diane thanks! I am glad it made you smile.Pamela

  9. >This is brilliant and funny Pamela…i love it!:-)

  10. >Pamela,A cheerfully uplifting poem, of everyday complaining and moaning!I think it might just be me too!!!!Eileen

I appreciate all comments.

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