>Some evenings big tent poetry #23 pilfering

>And The Moon And The Stars And The World
Long walks at night

I walk under the moon and wait
I stare at the forms in the door
Are you listening to the cry of the owl,
deep in the woods
I watch the domestic fight with sentiment
Throwing china plates and crystal,
that smash with fury against stone walls
And shatter to pieces: on fine linen sheets
As silk lingerie is hung from ceiling rafters
So that we may watch the sorrow flow,
from the unfaithful
the moon the stars and the world

Charles Bukowski


34 responses to “>Some evenings big tent poetry #23 pilfering

  1. >Pamela, your well crafted poem has impact!

  2. >This prompt has widened my poetic horizons, making me look up the original poems!Yours is intriguing, but I'm not sure I understand it properly, not even after reading Bukowski's version

  3. >Buckishly good.

  4. >I can relate your poem to Bukowski's and I love the last three lines.

  5. >Beautiful words..well written

  6. >I like your interpretation. I don't think I get the subtleties of the linen and silk, though.

  7. >Just to be clear – do you miss violent fights with an ex?Like Viv, I enjoyed it but I'm not sure that I get it.

  8. >The striking wording makes my mind travel as I questionin and listen to the cry of that owl.

  9. >Excellently crafted poem! =)-Weasel

  10. >Diane thanks!Pamela

  11. >Viv I used his two lines as a `springboard`.I was not copying his poem. This poem is about watching a `domestic quarrel`. And how the observer might feel.Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  12. >Ron Thanks for saying so.Pamela

  13. >Thank you Derrick!Pamela

  14. >Thanks so much umapoems!Thanks for visiting!Pamela

  15. >Thanks pwf and their usage is supposed to be subtle.Pamela

  16. >Tilly. Good heavens what are you thinking.If I were ever in a violent relationship I most assuredly would not write about it. I do not tend to write about my real life. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  17. >Thanks Mary. The cry of an owl can be quite eerie.Pamela

  18. >Thanks so much Weasel!Pamela

  19. >The crash of china against a stone wall! Not your normal love poem, but who-ever called Bukowsky normal. Nice Take

  20. >sorrow flowing.. I can feel it in these words and feel them in my spirit today.Thank you for writing today. I Wait Again.

  21. >Life repeats itself again and again. Like the owl reference and the crash and clash of breaking crockery. Elizabeth

  22. >Resounding! I like the way you used your springboard!

  23. >Very heart touching and emotional post—liked it.Please read my new poetry at—link—http://childrensheaven.blogspot.comWith best wishes.Hemant

  24. >Hi Pamela. I'm sorry; I seem to have completely misunderstood the poem. I didn't mean to cause any offence.Regards,Tilly.

  25. >Nice to take Bukowski and "watch the sorrow flow," my favorite line. Beautiful.

  26. >Thanks Marian!Pamela

  27. >Thanks Elizabeth and I find owls to be quite mysterious birds!Pamela

  28. >Thanks Julie and domestic quarrels can be that way.Pamela

  29. >Thanks for that Susan.Pamela

  30. >Thanks Hemant.Pamela

  31. >No harm done~Tilly . I was just a bit surprised is all.Pamela

  32. >Thanks Deb and I am always happy to be a part of big tent,Pamela

  33. >gosh i love his stuff!!!… i am so happy to see another buck poem… and you've drawn your own interpretation beautifully… …"…So that we may watch the sorrow flow, from the unfaithfulthe moon the stars and the world…" you know that happens all the time a beautiful evening, a relaxing walk, an open window… sound sleep

  34. >Who can resist looking up a poem based on a Bukowski? And you did him proud – love "watch the domestic fight with sentiment" – think he would've liked it also …

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