>Can we possibly? writer`s island #24 envision


Encapsulated by the light of the screen, which divides
and joins all living things on this earth.
Enlightened — we must take great care.
Entrusted with a sincere heart, that will carry us
through the narrow bridges.
Engulfed in hardened arteries of time and haste.
Embrace and relinquish all hatred — form the soul.
Engrave an everlasting light from within.
Exemplified — putrid, rusted veins open
to release the vileness.
Envision this as life …

20 responses to “>Can we possibly? writer`s island #24 envision

  1. >Interesting. I can visualise this with all the non "E" lines indented a couple of spaces.

  2. >Thanks for the comment!Pamela

  3. >Interesting post! =)-Weasel

  4. >There's some great depth to this. Excellent.

  5. >Thanks Anthony!Pamela

  6. >Pamela, thought provoking flow of ideas,Elizabeth

  7. >I loved all the "E" lines, Pamela. And yes, "enlightened, we must take great care." So true.

  8. >I agree, there is a great profundity to this poem and an underground flow as well! Exceptionally good, Pamela

  9. >Thanks Elizabeth and again congrats to you and your family!Pamela

  10. >Thanks Mary and we should take care.Pamela

  11. >Thanks Diane. Sometimes I can be that sort of person.Pamela

  12. >Lennon envisions love and peace. The message hasn't died.

  13. >Irene yes he did!Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  14. >A powerful post, well done!

  15. >Thanks Deborah!Pamela

  16. >http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/mountains-are-high/claim the poetry awards on the bottom of the post if you wish.Thanks for the support.

  17. >Yes, this is an interesting one. I also like the Es.

  18. >This is an exhilarating read. Love the interplay in two languages. Nice! Love and Light, Sender

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