>Mother monday potluck poetry week #5

>She walks through this life with softness.
Lays a hand on your shoulder.
She files emotions with paper moons,
comes to lay beside: to fill with hope.

Surrounded by lush green fields filled,
with fresh dew from the morning.
As the fog is starting to lift.
Despair has vanished on the wings of light.

She is dressed in satin and silver brocades.
While dancing on amethyst stars that burst,
and release sparkles of sunshine.
Surrounded by tranquil pools of rose coloured petals.

She is your inner peace and light.
The ocean …


7 responses to “>Mother monday potluck poetry week #5

  1. >Thank you for the very nice poem – I enjoyed it. It has strong imagery – I especially love the line "Despair has vanished on the wings of light."

  2. >simply natural and beautiful…love mother nature, and you make her vivid and powerful!Thanks for sharing!

  3. >A wonderful ode' to mother nature and the ocean…this is beautiful Pamela!

  4. >Pamela I was astonished at the contrast between these two pieces, each in its different mood but each an enjoyable read. Thank you.ViV

  5. >Delightfully written. :))

  6. >Thanks:181storiesjinglecarrieviv eatonfor the nice comments!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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