>It was never about you #24 big tent poetry wordle


a glossy purple kiss
a head that looks like:
a gourd
you never had the hook,
to extract,
or pluck me
drooping eyes and muddy hair
I had to leave you on the staircase
do you feel bitter doll?


16 responses to “>It was never about you #24 big tent poetry wordle

  1. >"a head that looks like:a gourd"I am kind of imagining it. I liked how you used the words here..extraction

  2. >I like the image of 'drooping eyes and muddy hair.' What a sight, Pamela!

  3. >glossy purple kisses are de rigeur it seems! Poor chap doesn't seem to have a lot going for him!

  4. >All this lovely glossy purple kissing everywhere. Nice, Pamela.

  5. >Anyone with a head like a gourd has the right to some amount of bitterness. I like the sort of sassy tone you found for this one. Good use of the wordle words, Pamela,Elizabeth

  6. >I'm with Elizabeth…what a poor person with a head like a gourd! Nice wordle, Pamela.

  7. >Gautami, just imagine, not a pretty sight.Pamela

  8. >No, Derrick he sure hasn´t.Pamela

  9. >Thank you Robin.Pamela

  10. >I suppose you are right Elizabeth.Thanks.Pamela

  11. >Yeah, Diane poor person, thanks.Pamela

  12. >A nifty piece with a good portion of admirable attitude! Love it…

  13. >Thanks Susan and sometimes you have to have an attitude.Pamela

  14. >I would leave this one on the "staircase" too. Excellent poem/wordle

  15. >Thanks Willow and thanks for visiting,Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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