>"if we fall " writer’s island #26 emerge


If I am emerged into the abyss
Can they rescue me from drowning
Egressed into the silence with no-one,
to speak with or hold

As the sun forms wrinkles on my eyes
I stave off adversary with a smile
I have burst … triumphant
While you swelter in your ira

If you are emerged with your idiosyncrasy
Nowhere to go,
and fall into the abyss
Can I catch you before you drown

Only the angels will answer


18 responses to “>"if we fall " writer’s island #26 emerge

  1. >Pamela, hopefully angels will be there for all.

  2. >You can definitely trust the angels, Pamela!

  3. >It is going deep that we find those answers.Nicely done.

  4. >Good questions and I agree with Anthony, although it is often scary, going deep does allow for some of those answers to be found.Elizabeth

  5. >Shane,Thanks and thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your piece for this prompt.Pamela

  6. >Mary,One can only hope.Pamela

  7. >Diane,I will take your word for it.Pamela

  8. >Anthony,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  9. >Elizabeth,Thanks and seems we must go deep in order to understand ourselves better.Pamela

  10. >The angels always answer, when we remember to ask. I really enjoyed the trip to your Island.You can visit mine if you like:http://www.goddesswrite.com/2010/10/we-emerge.html

  11. >Thanks Goddess and thanks for visiting.Pamela

  12. >Last line is wonderful. Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  13. >we all need someone to catch us at one point or another… this is great work it makes one think….

  14. >Thanks sender. Thanks for visiting.Pamela

  15. >Amanda, We do need that.Pamela

  16. >it is hard to save someone if you yourself are drowning or you lose yourself in someone else drowning… it is an interesting prospect that angels would be guarding us all though us are unawares… love how you pass through life with wrinkles from the sun and triumph with a smile… dripping gray

  17. >Thanks ms pie.Pamela

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