A trip down the yellow brick road we write poems #25 OZ

“If I only had a brain, a heart, courage!”

Courage is a dripping faucet,
confronted with fear

A heart is pumping quietly,
while sleeping

A brain has its range,
to figure out what it needs

Like a lion with courage to face
the worse
My heart steps in, gives me a message
melting, falling away

The brain never engages properly,
rusty chains linked together

Those ruby slippers, go click, click, click


20 responses to “A trip down the yellow brick road we write poems #25 OZ

  1. >I really like this Pamela, and especially those clicking heels on the end. I think you describe many of us here. Thank you,Elizabeth

  2. >I'm not entirely sure I get the first doublet (the way it's worded), although its intention seems clear. The heart is a lion, I like that. And I can certainly vouch for this:The brain never engages properly,rusty chains linked together :)Well done.

  3. >Some days my brain feels that way, Pamela..with rusty chains that just don't link!

  4. >Elizabeth,Thanks and I know it describes me perfectly.Pamela

  5. >Ruth,I am not sure what it means either. I am fighting with writer's block and the words seem to have complete mind of their own. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  6. >Mary,Lately I feel this way. When doing this prompt my mind just kept hearing that line from the song in Oz.Pamela

  7. >I reallly like this Pamela. Especially about courage dripping!

  8. >I particularly liked the first couplet: the tap (English) faucet (US) is dripping because the fear causes the courage to hiccup. But the courage is strong enough to keep on drippng through the fear. Yes? No? Oh well – if I only had a brain I'd be dangerous.

  9. >The Wizard of Oz is a classic in so many ways… and I love how you have let it influence this poem! And it's true about those ruby slippers clicking 3 times … seems very symbolic, doesn't it?!

  10. >I like it Pamela. We basically need a heart and a brain and ruby slippers, more or less in working condition.

  11. >Fine work, this. And those Ruby Slippers a H-O-friggin T!!!

  12. >Pamela, you don't seem to be struggling with writers' block to me..but I know what you mean. Sometimes ideas 'link' and sometimes they don't. Rust, be gone. LOL.

  13. >Diane,Thanks and courage does seem to drip along. Pamela

  14. >Viv,Thank you and yes it is something like that.Pamela

  15. >Marianne,And it is symbolic indeed. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  16. >Irene,Thanks and in fair working condition, would be good for me. ;)Pamela

  17. >Ron,Thanks and I love red shoes. :)Pamela

  18. >Mary,Thanks for the compliment, but I did struggle with this and have been for the last few prompts.I am experiencing a bit of writers' block. Hopefully, the rust will leave. ;)Pamela

  19. >Pamela,Great poem! I can relate on so many points…just a trickle of courage…rusted brain parts. It's quite a fun way of looking at sluggish times.Shari

  20. >Shari,Thanks so much and it is so nice to see you!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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