>It is my home big tent poetry #26 write from a sketch from your home

>A decoupage created from my life
Colours are vibrant and alive
Chagall, Van Gogh and Dali

Freida sits at an easel, sorrowful
Che with a Cuban cigar,
smoke curls round his mustache
mingles, as the devil hides in the guestroom
Waiting for me to sleep,
So he can dance round the room
To his solemn tune

An angel lives under my kitchen sink
I’ve seen her wings and cherub face
A gallery of faces
Mirrors in every room

An eagle at my front door grasps a snake
in its beak
Mayans watch my cat, sleeping on the couch
While lazy dogs lie in the morning sun
Who created this catastrophe?

Wormwood grows wild in the garden
Spirits roam looking for a place to rest
Candles light the way, while I place
marigolds on the table


30 responses to “>It is my home big tent poetry #26 write from a sketch from your home

  1. >Half dream, half nightmare? Your poem took me to places I could not have imagined. Bravo!If beneath your sink is anything like mine, it would be a kindness to find a more salubrious home for the angel.

  2. >Now that's quite a dwelling. I'd like to see the sketch that generated this powerful, hallucinatory depiction.

  3. >I love the idea of the decoupage. The cat and dogs seem to have the right idea!

  4. >an enchanting place to call home. sounds like you can create whatever your heart desires.

  5. >Viv,Sometimes trying to find something in my house is a nightmare. Though living in it is a dream. It is quite spacious and I love the fact that I can escape from my husband from time to time. As for the angel, she seems happy for the moment. :)Pamela

  6. >Dick,That it is. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  7. >Derrick,Thanks and the cat and dogs in this home always have the right idea. They allow us to live with them. We are privileged. ;)Pamela

  8. >Thanks Goddess. Generally I do.Pamela

  9. >Our homes are most often filled with the essence of who we are and what we value. I liked the sounds of your home, rich in color and emotions, even an angel under the sink (I'm jealous), and the ease of the creatures who abide there. Well done, Pamela,Elizabeth

  10. >Elizabeth,That is so true. I am very fortunate that my home is comfortable and mellow. Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  11. >Wow, I wanted to live in YOUR home as I read of the beauty and the spirits that reside there. Lovely.

  12. >A blend of art and fantasy. I enjoyed the images that you paint…just wish the angels under my sink would clean it then come out to play.http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/big-tent-poetry-timekeepers/

  13. >I love the idea of "A decoupage created from my life". What wonderful imagery!

  14. >A gorgeous home – love the sounds and colors, the visuals and the 'angelic/artist' touches.

  15. >Pamela, this is a favorite of mine among your recent poems. You have shown the essence of your home in the details you described. I loved Frieda (I enjoy Frieda Kahlo's work) & Che! Well done.

  16. >Colorful piece…"Who created this catastrophe?"…sounds like my house!

  17. >Judy,Thanks and we are comfortable here.We live in a very traditional Mexican home.It is big and spacious.Pamela

  18. >The art in your home makes a wonderful poem. Nicely done! I especially like the second to last stanza!!

  19. >liv2,Thanks for the nice comment and for visiting.Pamela

  20. >Cara,Thank you and it is indeed.Pamela

  21. >Thanks Susan.Pamela

  22. >Mary,Thanks and I am a big fan of both Frieda and Che.My dressing room walls are filled with mostly pics of Che. Have you read the book called "Che"?It is a complete history of his life. Worth the read.Pamela

  23. >Thanks Laurie and it can be at times.Pamela

  24. >Thanks so much nan. My home is my life.Pamela

  25. >Amazing, I would love to visit your home! It is no a catastrophe but your Aura settling in!

  26. >Amanda,Anytime you are down this way stop on by.Pamela

  27. >Wonderful images, all those artists, and "An angel lives under my kitchen sink/ I’ve seen her wings and cherub face" was so surprising! And delightful.Glad you enjoyed the prompt!

  28. >Deb,Thanks and I thought was an interesting form of writing.Pamela

  29. >A very special house you have there. Full of energy and spirit!

  30. >Shane,Thanks and thanks for stopping by.Pamela

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