>Bal Masqué writer’s island #27 masquerade

>Yachts rock steadily in their slips

In the mansion, people gather:

Flowing gowns and silver slippers
Hair piled high with gemstone clasps
Glossy painted lips
Tuxedos and slicked back hair

A sign reads “Enter at your own risk”

Do the promenade (it’s free)
At the bal masqué
Cover your eyes and smile slyly
Our identities concealed for the night
We move under crystal chandeliers
While the champagne spills on to the marble,
beneath our feet
We don the silken masques
Hands hold diamonds, emeralds, rubies
We dance to the orchestra never revealing who we are


18 responses to “>Bal Masqué writer’s island #27 masquerade

  1. >Ah you painted a picture of a wonderful nightGreat poem

  2. >I'm full of admiration at your way with words, the subtlety of your slant rhymes and manipulation of the theme.ViV

  3. >You've captured the scene perfectly.

  4. >Our identities shielded for the night – love these words! Slyly smile – hidden, hidden, hidden! Beautiful poem, Pamela!

  5. >Lovely image of the masquerade ball, Pamela. You have created a wonderful scene.

  6. >Marja,It could be a wonderful night.Thanks for visiting.Pamela

  7. >Viv,Thanks very much for the nice comment.I am still learning.Pamela

  8. >Anthony,Thanks and it is always nice to see you.Pamelabtw: seems there is a problem with wordpress, I am having trouble getting in to read your post.Pamela

  9. >Diane,Thanks so much and have a wonderful hallows eve!Pamela

  10. >Diane, Are you joining us over at PAD starting monday?Pamelahope so!

  11. >Mary,Thanks and I think I would like to attend this party. ;)Pamela

  12. >I love the party you have created here–the mystery sounds very enticing.

  13. >Sounds like fun and romance

  14. >Thanks Peggy and thanks for visiting.Pamela

  15. >nimruichi,Thanks and nice to see you here.Pamela

  16. >Pamela,I enjoyed the innuendo you craftily included. Nicely done!Shari

  17. >Beautiful words and images. Nicely done.Melanie

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