>Abuse poets united poetry pantry #15/ sunday scribblings #239 intense

>Intense it’s found in whirling winds,
cyclones hit to tear apart the structure.
Flinging splinters on the eaves,
rampage is forced upon the open wound.
Salt poured in and festering, malignant scars,
bolts slash across crooked angles without edges.
While bleeding eyes contain no justice,
for the weak of mind and spirit.
An onslaught of wicked rain soaks to the core.
Gripped tightly in its fist, furiously, pleading,
for it to come to an end.

While the child hides in the corner …


13 responses to “>Abuse poets united poetry pantry #15/ sunday scribblings #239 intense

  1. >With few, but powerfully linked words, you left me with a knot in my stomach…- Dina

  2. >Not what I expected. "rampage is forced upon the open wound" – wow!

  3. >Dina,Thanks I think. I have been thinking lately about the abuse that is inflicted upon children, adults, animals etc…So when the prompt over at sunday scribblings asked for intense. I immediately thought about how intense the fury must be inside someone to harm another living being.Pamela

  4. >omj,I know it is a bit intense.Pamela

  5. >Very powerful..the last line was understated yet brilliant..as with the others it left a lasting impression..the child will get out of that corner..Jae

  6. >jaerose,We can only hope so.Thanks.Pamela

  7. >Well written poem, Pamela. Excellent imagery helps make your point well.

  8. >Thanks much Diane.Pamela

  9. >Oh yes, Pamela, it would be wonderful if somehow it were possible for abuse to come to an end. Too much of it in our world.

  10. >Mary,It is a horrid thing and it makes me wonder what exactly goes on in the mind of the abuser. Pamela

  11. >Such a strong poem – the last line is a real sucker punch – given the escalation of rage and intensity, the mental picture at the end of a child trying to hide really hits the message home. Speaking as one who once was that child in the corner, you could not have expressed this more accurately. Powerfully written. So well done.

  12. >Sherry,Thanks and it came out of nowhere really. I have been giving much thought about abuse of all living beings lately. I known a few people who were that child in the corner. Pamela

  13. >You have captured abuse in a poem as only a poet could do Pamela…this is powerful and wonderfully written! 🙂

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