>soul collector we write poems #26 collection

>Little jars on a shelf,
high and out of reach
You place souls inside
Crystal walls
Sealed tightly, so they can’t escape

A beautiful array of colours
Purple, blue and gold
Hand carved with intricate designs
A monument created with everyone,
you’ve ever known

Every day you dust them off
And put them back so carefully
Avoiding that they touch each other
High and out of reach
Little jars on a shelf


18 responses to “>soul collector we write poems #26 collection

  1. >I think you have written the dark aspect of Viv's friendship poem.

  2. >I haven't read Viv's poem yet but I agree about the "dark" assessment by Barb…it frightens and yet intrigues me to think of souls in jars.-Nicole

  3. >As though we could keep people just for ourselves and enjoy them alone. I find this poem a tad disturbing: Pamela, how about some process notes?

  4. >'soul collector' – what a fascinating take on the prompt.

  5. >Viv,Process notes:Think of those who use other people to their advantage. Only paying mind to them when they need something. I think there are plenty of them in this world. I have had the misfortune of meeting a few. I think they are what we call "sociopaths". I agree it is quite disturbing.Pamela

  6. >Barb,When I get a chance later today I will go read Viv's poem. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  7. >Nicole,We can't really contain the soul, but certainly damage the spirit in someone.Pamela

  8. >Thank you Tilly.Pamela

  9. >Pamela:Interesting poem. I like the light flow of the dark image you paint. Marvelous!Shari

  10. >I have some of those little jars but they are very very dusty maybe I should stop collecting?This was lots of fun to read very whimsical.

  11. >First time I've heard of 'sociopath'. Pamela, true friends are few.

  12. >Dark…And we tend to collect the dark….Thoughtful poembits and pieces

  13. >Thanks for the comment Shari.Pamela

  14. >Amanda,Yeah, I would stop collecting. Thanks.Pamela

  15. >Irene,Absolutely true. And I pretty certain that personality disorder has been around since the beginning of time.Pamela

  16. >Thanks Gautami.Dark it is.Pamela

  17. >scary how some people feel a need to collect people's souls…. anxious in their endeavor the more the merrier… ouch!!! great poem pamela… a recollection

  18. >Thanks pop and it is scary indeed.Pamela

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