>It is magic poets united #22 magic

>It’s in the breeze that blows
through trees
and settles on the limbs
In the sky-birds in flight
Star filled nights-waiting for a wish
It is the laughter of the soul
Longing to be free

Magic of the universe …


17 responses to “>It is magic poets united #22 magic

  1. >Another great form of magic – well done!

  2. >Oh, yes, Pamela! The magic of the universe. Dinasours, dodo birds all disappear but the universe stays forever new. Great one!

  3. >Yes, it's everywhere – your poem is lovely, magical too.

  4. >I love this, Pamela……the magic of the universe – and I'm such a believer! Wonderful response to the prompt.

  5. >Oh, I love breezes and birds, Pamela. What a glorious poem!

  6. >Beautiful Poem…. very niceHave a beautiful Day!LoveSabi Sunshine

  7. >Look up through the trees to the universe. This is part of my practice.

  8. >Thanks so much Eric.There is magic all around us.Pamela

  9. >nino,Yes things disappear and things are born. It is an amazing cycle.Pamela

  10. >Ruth thanks so much.Life is magic.Pamela

  11. >Sherry I know you are and that is one of the many things I love about you. Thanks.Pamela

  12. >Thanks Diane and me too!Pamela

  13. >Thank you Sabi.Pamela

  14. >Old ollie is should be a part of everyone's practice.Pamela

  15. >love the breeze.so elegant piece.smiles.xxx

  16. >Jingle magic is everywhere.Pamela

  17. >Wonderful; I love this~

I appreciate all comments.

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