>EST Day #5 November PAD chapbook challenge-metamorphosis

>To shed the outer layer,
of devolving turbulence.
A mindful stance of the rotating
cogs in a filtered existence.
Wheels turn …
moving without lubrication
Being placed on a table.
Electrodes placed at tender temples,
sending fire throughout the body.
Altered for existence.

Process notes:
This prompt made think about ES therapy.
My mom worked as an RN supervisor.
In a psychiatric hospital for several years,
in a NY state institution. At that time
this form of therapy was legal. I am
quite mortified that it was ever legal.

12 responses to “>EST Day #5 November PAD chapbook challenge-metamorphosis

  1. >My ex's older brother underwent EST in the late 50's, poor soul, just because he was sexually non conforming. Yeah, that's one messed up family.

  2. >Pamela:Very profound contemplation of a sad fact of our history. It definitely makes me think…in fact, it makes me want to write.Thanks,Shari

  3. >Your well expressed poem certainly captures the horror of ES therapy. I too find it hard to imagine this was EVER allowed / thought beneficial.

  4. >A very inspirational poem in honor of your mother. I wonder how many nurses we were raised by. My mother was an ER nurse.

  5. >everyday goddess it is a horrid thing to have done to people. I think it is still legal in Florida. Pamela

  6. >Shari,It is indeed a horrible part of our history.I am glad that you are inspired to write.I look forward to reading your work.Pamela

  7. >Mary,Thanks and it is beyond me that it was ever thought to be therapeutic. When my mom told me the stories I just wanted to cry.Pamela

  8. >Diane,Was she really? My mom was an awesome, strong and talented lady. I miss her so much.Pamela

  9. >This could be termed a horror story: but you succeeded in turning it into very real poetry.

  10. >your poem is superb.love the phrases you applied here.lovely message.

  11. >Viv,Just imagine the horror for the person that goes through that. Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  12. >Jingle thanks.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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