>existence day #7 november PAD chapbook challenge

>Lying side by side
Along a slightest filament
Reason …
Pros …
In life it’s essential,
examine what holds true
for you, it is like the patterns

Wars, injustice, people
hunger for more power

If peace would prevail
What would it look like?
Would we recognize it?

It has been written about
before and for many years
But do we understand
Perhaps not ….


6 responses to “>existence day #7 november PAD chapbook challenge

  1. >Oh Pamela, perhaps it is true we would not recognize peace. Somehow we think we would, but like you said it has been written about and written about, but achieved? Not!

  2. >In life, peace is definitely a hope for me. Good question – would you recognize it?

  3. >Mary,How can we with what we have seen in our lifetime.We know the concept.Pamela

  4. >Diane,For me also, I love to see it.Pamela

  5. >Pamela,I love the way you pose this very heady question. I wonder about things like this, too.Thanks for sharing it,Shari

  6. >Many thanks Shari.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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