>Not really love day #10 november PAD chapbook challenge-love or anti-love

>Across the room they seem to beguile
With cheap plastic eyes and their fake smile
Let’s raise a glass to wish you good cheer
Pinkies extend … so fancy my dear
They seem to beguile

We move to dances, an elegant file
Rubbing our cheeks with those we deem vile
To give my heart to someone I fear
Who seems to beguile

Wicked dresses on crystalline tile
Looking to trap my soul for awhile
There is no escape as they draw near
In the corner of my eye … a tear
Wanting to run far away for miles
They seem to beguile

process notes:
I am not very good with sonnets.
But I wrote this the other day and
thought I might submit it for this
prompt. It certainly needs some work.


8 responses to “>Not really love day #10 november PAD chapbook challenge-love or anti-love

  1. >What a poem Pamela. I just love all the details!Brava!

  2. >Thanks Diane but I feel very uncomfortable with this Rondeau. I really need more practice.Pamela

  3. >I enjoyed this poem Pamela! I love the detail too. And I really am intrigued by the dark inevitability of it. Very nice!Shari

  4. >Shari,Love seems to have a dark side sometimes.Thanks.Pamela

  5. >Pamela this is amazing…the flow and rhyme are flawless…it is very captivating…i love it!:-)

  6. >Carrie,Thanks, you are much too nice.Pamela

  7. >Pamela, I thought I had commented on this. I actually like this one a lot. I love the 'wicked dresses' and the sinister undertone of this.

  8. >Thanks Mary. I seem to fall short when trying to do form poetry. I think it needs some work and may in the future try to do something with it.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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