>starting over we write poems #27 healing

>On the mending side of time …
All passes through glances
of sincerity – smooth voices
are captured with tone

Felt by some of those
looking for solace,
Healing areas once open,
maturating with rage

A tender hand comes across
to touch the injured soul
Kindness to one wronged
Healing has begun


20 responses to “>starting over we write poems #27 healing

  1. >A beautiful, gentle poem. I particularly liked the final stanza.

  2. >the overall effect is soothing. touch. I think that's why faith healers use the "laying on of hands" not entirely sure what you mean with " maturating with rage"

  3. >Viv,Thanks and it still seems a bit rough to me.I think it needs some more work.Pamela

  4. >Gautami, Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  5. >Barb,I hadn't thought about the connection. I used the word "maturating" instead of "festering" which didn't seem to fit very well. I am not entirely happy with this, I believe it needs some work.Pamela

  6. >kindness and a tender-handed (or -hearted) approach can do much to alleviate sufferingnice

  7. >Thank you for this one, Pamela. It has a soft, gentle, and soothing touch about it. Comforting,Elizabeth

  8. >Ruth,Thanks and yes if we were kinder to each other, imagine how the world would be.Pamela

  9. >Elizabeth,Thanks so much. I am glad that you felt that.Pamela

  10. >Thank you for commenting on my poem ! I decided not to link it into the site.. Like Viv, I very much like the last stanza of your poem. It makes me feel a wave of healing flow over me…and I soak it in!

  11. >Mary,Thanks. Why haven't you linked into the site?I really like what you said in the poem. It has a very human quality to it. We are here but to learn from our errors. Well, I believe that to be true.Pamela

  12. >Such a calm and soothing poem pamela. There but for the grace of God go you! Beautifully done!

  13. >Pamela,Another lovely poem! I, too, found it calming. Nicely done.Shari

  14. >Diane,Thanks so much.Pamela

  15. >Shari,Thanks and I am glad you found it calming.Pamela

  16. >i love that first line, it belongs in a song somewhere… how compassionate the notice of healing is… the observer who sees…

  17. >What a powerful and touching poem. I can feel the touch; the one healing option we all have.

  18. >Judy thanks and that is so true.If we just take the time and give a little kindness, it can go a long way.Pamela

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