>life’s answers writer’s island #29 quandary

>A state of difficulty, perplexity,
uncertainty, hesitation or puzzlement
Never able to decide

A predicament; dilemma,
a difficult decision or choice
If you don’t make the right move
Will you fall? Into the deep pit,
never being able to climb out

The decision is already made
It was settled long ago, fate
gives us the cards played out
by the stars in the sky, as a
comet sweeps them off course
And changes things forever …


22 responses to “>life’s answers writer’s island #29 quandary

  1. >This is so very true of how life seems to work.

  2. >Unfortunately so Anthony.Thanks for visiting.Pamela

  3. >Often times a decision may not work out to what was intended. A brilliant treatment!Hank

  4. >kaykuala thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  5. >Life is just like that but who know if its changes are for the best or the worst I guess time only tells!

  6. >I like this poem, Pamela. A reader can always find her own meanings in poems; and for me the meaning here is that even though things may be preordained, something like a comet can change everything, moving the preordained plan off center and out of kilter….forever.

  7. >one decision could change everything. but i think these things make our lives more interesting right?

  8. >A wise man once said that life is what happens while we're making plans.

  9. >Pamela, I do like what you did with this prompt. One never can predict what will push one's path off course. A comet or….. Well written.

  10. >Exactly how I feel about decisions at times! Just noticed the poinsettias, they are beautiful! 🙂

  11. >True enough Amanda. Time will only tell.Pamela

  12. >Mary,Thanks and thank goodness for the fact that we can find our own meanings in poetry.Pamela

  13. >Absolutely toto.Pamela

  14. >Tilly,I think John got that right.Look at what happened there, one of the saddest days I can remember.Pamela

  15. >Diane,I do believe in fate, but I also believe we sometimes are thrown off course for one reason or another.Pamela

  16. >Faith,Thanks. Yes, that poinsettia was cut back to a stub in April. I am amazed by its growth this year. It is beautiful.Pamela

  17. >Those bloody comets. Too many of them I say!

  18. >I am always sufficiently arrogant to reckon I can buck the system, change my own fate. So your poem brought me up short and made me think – which of course is what you meant to do all along!ViV

  19. >Shane,Yes,too many or maybe not enough.Pamela

  20. >Viv,I often think about things like fate and are we in control of our own destinies. There are so many variables to consider. Thanks.Pamela

  21. >Karma takes over, but we control the path and permutations.Lovely, Pamela

  22. >nino,Yes, Karma is what it is all about.Thanks.Pamela

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