>U-MV021 – Sam Phillips – I Need Love


Like a scorpion,
poisoning me, paralyzing me,
With every sneaky movement
Oh, clever you
I didn’t see it coming
So tell me now, what is it
that you don’t understand
about people.

5 responses to “>U-MV021 – Sam Phillips – I Need Love

  1. >Pamela, this is potent. Thank you for this one,Elizabeth

  2. >Thanks Elizabeth. I just threw this one in. I love this girl Sam Phillips. She is great.Pamela

  3. >well put,I mean the words below the video …thanks for sharing.

  4. >http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/11/november-greetings-appreciations.html Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xxHope to see you at our potluck tonight.

  5. >Jingle,Thanks and I hope you are having a happy Sunday.I am going to make an effort to write a poem for the potluck today. Pamela

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