>Why? day #13 PAD november chapbook challenge-question

>Why is life so unfair?

Poor struggle to survive
Scraping the ground for morsels
To feed their hungry babies

Some say “life is what we make of it”
If never given the alternative,
perplexing questions,
no answers

Can the arrogant feed the homeless man,
sitting on the corner
He’s humbled beyond what we see or feel
Looking for dinner in a dumpster, fetid with disease
As cockroaches crawl across him while he sleeps,
rats his mascots in the alley way

While we take another sip of wine,
and wonder what shoes to wear


10 responses to “>Why? day #13 PAD november chapbook challenge-question

  1. >Oh yes, comfort can blind us to so many realities. But, that is why we write poetry. It isn't comfortable,Elizabeth

  2. >Boy, have you got that right Elizabeth. And the past few days have been real uncomfortable. Not exactly sure why.Pamela

  3. >thought-provoking, heart-rending poetry. You've done it again, Pamela. Why can I only focus on the trivial at the moment?Love,ViV

  4. >There speaks someone who has seen poverty first hand. Very nicely done, and it's good to see a writer bringing such things to our attention.

  5. >So often in comfortable lives it is easy not to 'see' the lives of those who are not as comfortable. Your poem makes a good point, Pamela.

  6. >Viv,First of all thanks so much. I wish that I could write trivial right now. But it just isn't in me.These prompts seem to be bringing out a lot of sadness and sorrow.Love,Pamela

  7. >Tilly,Living in NYC I saw loads of homeless, but until coming to Mexico. I had never seen such poverty.We used to live in Oaxaca and there were people who had nothing: no running water, electricity etc … oddly enough those people were not unhappy, just humble. Thanks for the nice comment. Pamela

  8. >Diane,Thanks and yes that is so true. Unless it is right in your face, so to speak.Pamela

  9. >Thanks Jingle.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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