>Friend day #15 november PAD chapbook challenge-"just when you thought it was safe”

>You brought me in — your kindness
My friend
I trusted you, told you secrets
Buried inside for many years

Then I set my armour down,
Forgetting to keep it near
You struck me hard,
Sent me tumbling

I tried to get up …
You slashed me with your sword
Slicing me into belittled pieces,
Leaving me to bleed to death


10 responses to “>Friend day #15 november PAD chapbook challenge-"just when you thought it was safe”

  1. >Owch! Betrayal is the worst kind of pain.(Don't worry, I'll never ask you about your secrets)

  2. >Eric,It seems it happens more often than we like.But as we grow older, hopefully wiser.And don't fret I'll never tell. ;)Pamela

  3. >Oh, Pamela, I am glad I visited your poem. I haven't written mine yet (will attempt it soon), but it has given me an idea, which I had lacked! I've had similar things happen! Ouch.

  4. >Mary,I have been thinking lately how people have come to me in the past in the guise of friendship. Only to leave me disappointed. And it always hurts. I am glad I was an inspiration for you.Pamela

  5. >Visceral piece of writing…I know this pain for I once set down my armor in the presence of someone I thought was a friend…felt.

  6. >Thanks dasuntoucha. It stinks when people do this kind of thing to others.Pamela

  7. >Nothing quite like betrayal, is there? You did portray this very well..good!!

  8. >Lyn,No there is nothing quite like it.Thanks.Pamela

  9. >Definitely a dark poem, Pamela. Hope you get over it.

  10. >Diane,Thanks and I think I am well on my way.Pamela

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