>"lost love" day #18 november PAD chapbook challenge-lost or found

>Two lovers meet on clouds,
Iridescent moonbeams
Forever lost …
Blinded by the twinkling,
of the stars
Fantasizing about love.

Two lovers part on barren soil,
a rugged terrain.
Saturated with heartaches.
As the sun is cast in shadows,
the coldness fills the air.
Forever lost …

We are lost, only to be found


14 responses to “>"lost love" day #18 november PAD chapbook challenge-lost or found

  1. >Excellent – a romantical blast.

  2. >Thanks Old Ollie.Pamela

  3. >Whoa, Pamela! This is amazing! I love the meeting in the clouds, and the parting on earth. Sadly, so very true.And the last line is just perfection. Yes, we are lost, only to be found. Love this poem very much.

  4. >Many thanks Sherry. It was nice to be able to write freely today. No work for the next two days!Yay!Pamela

  5. >Thanks Julie. Nice to see you.Pamela

  6. >I like the idea of lovers meeting in the clouds. Sets my mind a-wandering! Nicely written!

  7. >Oh, Mary it is good to have a wandering mind!Thanks.

  8. >A neat poem, Pamela. I especialy enjoy the ending, "We are lost only to be found."

  9. >I like the contrast between clouds and barren soil, but especially that last line. We do get lost, but then found again, sometimes several times,Elizabeth

  10. >Thanks Diane.It is so very true.Pamela

  11. >Elizabeth,Thanks and we are found several times in our lives. I believe.Pamela

  12. >I like this Pamela. The images are vivid–also kind of goes with the wings prompt from Poets United. I like your poinsettia photo, by the way.

  13. >Thanks Peggy and I did write a poem for the PA prompt. It is below this one. Yes, the poinsettia is beautiful this year.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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