>hole in your soul day #19 november PAD chapbook challenge-a hole

>A gaping hole which once contained
your soul, you try to fill the void with
whiskey, wine and sleazy partners

Squatting in a disheveled room
Grey, tattered curtains — once white
Cigarettes butts spilling from a chipped ashtray
Empty food containers rotting in the heat
Dirty linens splattered with stains
From your empty life

The stench is overpowering —
Sweaty bodies, unbathed, filthy
A life of degradation
A gaping hole of life


8 responses to “>hole in your soul day #19 november PAD chapbook challenge-a hole

  1. >Very descriptive of this way of life – very accurate portrayal and the mood seeps through the poem. Well done. I could almost smell the cigarette butts:)

  2. >Sherry,Thanks and I was thinking when we got this prompt over at PA, what would cause a hole. I thought imagine living on skid row with no hope of changing or wanting to. Well, that is where this came from. Pamela

  3. >I simply admire your energy in writing so many lovely poems within a short period of time.amazing gaping hole of life.well done.

  4. >Thanks Jingle. I have been off of work for the past few days. So I have had time for myself and writing.Pamela

  5. >Wow, Pamela. What a description! You wrote so strongly of a certain kind of life that I almost gagged on what my mind saw and smelled!

  6. >Ick, Pamela! Well described!

  7. >Mary,I guess I did well in describing the scenario.Thanks.Pamela

  8. >Diane,Yeah, it would be a nasty way to live.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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