>your house writer’s island #30 peerless

Façades built by you.
Nothing equal to what you,
say or do.
To be perfect like that in
all aspects, trying to fit
boulders through the eye
of a newt.
Never happens …
Attempting to catch
sand that flows in an hourglass.
With filters in fingers.
Pouring through small openings.
Beyond, above comparisons
you fascinate me,
Watching you twirl the world round
a room in perfect
unison never missing a step.
Peerless, my heart flows freely,
to the melodic tunes.


17 responses to “>your house writer’s island #30 peerless

  1. >Bravo, Pamela: it never occurred to me to look at this as an opportunity for romantic poetry. I like it.

  2. >Thanks Viv, I am trying to get away from some of the darkness I write. I am struggling with PAD prompt today. Once finished I will visit writer'sisland. Have a nice weekend.Pamela

  3. >Interesting take on the prompt and a nice write. Loved this for its sheer audacity:…trying to fitboulders through the eyeof a newt.

  4. >Ruth,Intrepidity most definitely. Thanks so much.Pamela

  5. >That was an original take. Enjoyed it.

  6. >Thanks Anthony.Original is good.Pamela

  7. >Interesting, original… not an angle that I even remotely imagined… nice piece! I love when the creative mind takes us all in different directions.

  8. >reflections,Thanks and my mind does seem to go in all different directions, especially lately.Pamela

  9. >i could feel the flutter in heart and stomach.nicely crafted

  10. >thanks monkeywrench.Pamela

  11. >This was a bit different from you, Pamela, and it had a nice flow to it, with great observations.

  12. >Just a beautiful take on the prompt, Pamela. And some very effective phrasings, such as: "Watching you twirl the world rounda room in perfectunison never missing a step."I passed on the prompt this week. Nothing came to mind, and I accepted that!

  13. >Wonderful words and thoughts, Pamela!

  14. >Stan,My word is that really you? So, nice to see you back in blogland. Thanks for the visit.Pamela

  15. >Mary,Thanks and I looked for a poem by you to this prompt and saw that you hadn't written one.Sometimes the words don't come.Pamela

  16. >Diane,Thanks for that.Pamela

  17. >Perfection can be uplifting; intimidating too, at times.Cheers 🙂

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