>"he travels alone" poets united poetry pantry #18

>He walked miles …
never reaching his objective.
Waving arms and cheering smiles,
waiting on the other side.
No place to call home.
Waiting in the coldness.
Icicles forming on the trees.
The bitterness within him,
substituting warmth in his heart
Explosions all around …
As the moon begged him to
forgive with the stars guiding him
like fireworks bursting.
Over the mountains … he climbed


14 responses to “>"he travels alone" poets united poetry pantry #18

  1. >it's the journey, not the destination. Awesome poem, very vivid; precise imagery.

  2. >Thanks so much gnarlyoak. So very true.Pamela

  3. >I see him keep climbing the mountains with stars twinkling and moon encouraging.your words painted a vivid image here.FANTASTIC poem.

  4. >Jingle thanks so much.Pamela

  5. >I sometimes know this man. Let's hope the spotlight is warming. Smiles

  6. >Pamela, I keep thinking that we always continue to climb, climb….there is no other way!

  7. >When I was reading this…I cannot tell you how much, I've FELT like this…I substituted that person..in your poem as me…wow, that was weird. Just goes to show you how powerful, words on a screen can be….marvelous, I had to read it three times. "As the moon begged him toforgive with the stars guiding himlike fireworks bursting." <—–O-mazing

  8. >I love the bursting fireworks under the starry skies! Wonderfully done!

  9. >This poem is full of mystic beauty.

  10. >booguloo,Thanks and let's hope so.Pamela

  11. >Mary,There is no other way.Pamela

  12. >oilunderneath,I am glad you could relate to it.Thanks.Pamela

  13. >Diane,Thanks so much. You are too kind.Pamela

  14. >Thanks old ollie.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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