>what I think day #22 PAD november chapbook challenge-stand

>If I were to tell you my views,
firmly gripped in my hands.
Would you take the time
to listen to my speech —
so carefully rehearsed in front of mirrors.
Or would you close your
mind and refuse to hear.
Should I sit on my hands,
and not do a damn thing.
unsaid — in time all words
fall on empty ground.
With no-one to pick them up
and dust them off.


6 responses to “>what I think day #22 PAD november chapbook challenge-stand

  1. >I agree and have come to believe that spoken, or even written, they can become seeds that bring a bountiful harvest. Really like this one Pamela,Elizabeth

  2. >Elizabeth,Thanks. Spoken or written they can mean so much and so many things to each of us.Pamela

  3. >There are some peoople who DO listen to what a person says. Those people are to be treasured. I know you are one of those people who really hears what another says. I do believe we have to keep speaking and speaking, whether people listen or not…but as for taking stands, I'm not up for that too much any more. LOL.

  4. >Mary,Thanks so much. I do try to do my best and hear what others have to say. Pamela

  5. >Oh I really like this Pam, it always is a fear that our words fall on the ground unheard…after so much thought and practice….can feel this one for sure….Know you are in Mexico….but have a Great Thanksgiving anyway….blessings…bkm

  6. >Thanks Barb and that is so true. Speaking sometimes to people I know what I say certainly does fall on deaf ears. Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving greeting. We are making a pot roast with carrots and potatoes, yum! Nothing traditional here. I hope you and yours have wonderful and safe holiday.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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