>My scholars day #25 november PAD chapbook challenge

>All my dogs wear sweaters.
One is an Oxford scholar,
from Scotland or so they say.
We have a Harvard tramp.
He ran with a wild bunch in his day.
The girls:
A Berkeley bitch
Don’t know why, she’s not liberal,
hates everyone (except me).
At last we come to
“The Tribeca tart” the cutest of the
bunch .. She says “New York rules!”
I guess she’s right.


12 responses to “>My scholars day #25 november PAD chapbook challenge

  1. >Pam,You are lucky having them around to offer companionship, for which you're thankful for, I'm sure! And you've not even come to 'Back' your cat and your bird yet ( any chance of seeing her pic also)

  2. >Ya know kaykuala you are so right.A picture of ChoChu is in order.PamelaI am very lucky

  3. >I love your sweatered dogs, and their personalities. Hilarious. Good poem!

  4. >Thanks Sherry. I love my animals and I guess you know that. Happy Thanksgiving.Pamela

  5. >LOL, Pamela, your dogs are more cultured than ours. Violet (smaller dog) does NOT mind clothes. Tulip (6 – pound larger dog) hates them, is humiliated by them. How many dogs do YOU have? 2 or 3?

  6. >Pamela, I like your pets and their sweaters. I never had a dog that would tolerate one. Your descriptions of their personalities is wonderful,Elizabeth

  7. >Mary,They don't seem to mind them, except the little one Angie somehow manages to wiggle out her's. I have 4 dogs, two of them are strays. We have had Shamrock since she was about 6 weeks old. She has been with us for almost ten years now. As for being cultured-well I am not so sure of that ;)Pamela

  8. >Elizabeth,They are truly something. I love them.Thanks.Pamela

  9. >LOL. What a lovely poem. 🙂

  10. >Thanks so much Paul.Pamela

  11. >Oh Pamela, this poem made me smile tonight. I can just picture them and their personalities. I love 'the Berkley bitch.' LOL.

  12. >Diane you might not feel that way if you met her, lol. Oh, they are quite the characters trust me.Thanks and I am glad it made you smile :)Pamela

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