>gratitude writer’s island #31- gratitude

>Gratitude is thrown off sometimes like
Roasted peppers that burn the senses and
Ardent smells that enter pores from the fire to
The thicket covered with prickly thorns
Imbued with poisonous buds that roam from
Tension to relaxation, usurped we lose our
Understanding of what we care for, exaltation becomes
Descriptive of emotions, love and sympathy aren’t
Eluded, if we pay close attention to ourselves


13 responses to “>gratitude writer’s island #31- gratitude

  1. >Thank you, Pamela: there, that's my gratitude. The poem could have no other title, surely? It reads well aloud, though of course the hearer misses the accrostic.

  2. >Thanks Viv and that is the problem with acrostic, better to be read I suppose.Pamela

  3. >I love to do Acrostics they're lots of fun! This is awesome the last two lines make the poem it is so true!

  4. >Amanda,They are fun. I like to do them every now and then. Thanks.Pamela

  5. >This is really great, Pamela! The words just seemed to flow for you!

  6. >Thanks so much Diane.Pamela

  7. >Great imagery! I love the idea of doing an acrostic – I chose to do one as well! 🙂

  8. >Faith,Thanks and I thought it seemed appropriate.Not so sure why. :)Pamela

  9. >Well done, wonderful imagery.

  10. >Thanks Petrina and I enjoyed your winter poem.Pamela

  11. >well done acrostic Pam….i like doing acrostic…..but dont seem to do many of them…thanks for this

  12. >Thanks Wayne. I don't do many myself.Cheers,Pamela

  13. >Lovely Acrostic Pamela! yeah, sometimes we do need to pay closely to attention 🙂

I appreciate all comments.

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