>homeless day #26 PAD november chapbook challenge

>Shoes worn down to the soles of his feet,
his trousers threadbare
Everything he owns in a plastic bag,
from a supermarket down the street.
Nameless might as well be faceless.
But, I observe his movements,
does he run with no particular destination?
If we throw a coin in his direction,
will that make a difference?
He hops trains moving from town to town.
Sleeping on park benches,
pillows are old newspapers with the latest
Stockmarket news.

A scar runs along his shallow cheek
Marks the day that he began to run

6 responses to “>homeless day #26 PAD november chapbook challenge

  1. >Very sad, Pamela. Nameless and faceless, not a good place for a person to be! A thoughtful write!

  2. >you make him come to live.vivid imagery,sad reality check.

  3. >Mary,I certainly wouldn't want to be nameless or faceless. But so many are unfortunately. Thanks. Pamela

  4. >Jingle so very sad but true.Thanks.Pamela

  5. >A heartbreaking poem, Pamela; and so true that so many are nameless and faceless in today's world.

  6. >Yes Diane it is so true and a fact I wish I were able to change.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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