>venom sunday scribblings #243 – antidote

>I need an antidote for my pain,
that rises and causes me discomfort.
Aspirins don’t work … but I try.
The bittersweet is relevant.
You need an antidote for hatred,
that rises and causes you discomfort.
Kindness doesn’t work … but you try.
The sweetness is irrelevant.
Antidote and snake bites run together,
simultaneously … 

12 responses to “>venom sunday scribblings #243 – antidote

  1. >Writing is a great antidote for hatred! Your last line reminds me of the fact that stinging nettles usually had dock leaves growing close by that would ease the sting! That proves your point.

  2. >Thanks oldegg and I most certainly enjoyed your poem.Pamela

  3. >Oh so true, well done! This happens more often than not!

  4. >Thanks giggles!Pamela

  5. >The sting and the cure do run together..I enjoyed reading this together with your 'wild horse' poem..I don't know why but it threw out some very powerful images..thank you for your visit..Jae

  6. >jaerose,Thanks so much and thanks for the visit.Pamela

  7. >Thanks Jingle.Hope you are having a good day.Pamela

  8. >very nice – i liked the idea of pain and antidote "running together"!

  9. >Thanks Alice.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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