>"mother" monday poetry potluck #12 – nature

>Nature takes her course
Things are in place
She can be such a trickster
Cunning and deceptive
When you think everything is going well
Surprise …
People you love – die
Worse – forget that you exist
Friends turn their backs
Or stab you – never saw that coming
Your dog dies – your cat gets hit by a truck
Seems the joke is always on you
(I’m not trying to be negative)
It’s just the basic facts
Nature will always take her course
Without consulting first


22 responses to “>"mother" monday poetry potluck #12 – nature

  1. >true words…awesome painting of nature and how rational she could be to us…Thanks for contributing to potluck poetry.have fun!:)

  2. >Interesting piece, although I don't think you can blame Nature for all those things.

  3. >Pamela this is so true and creativly written!:-)

  4. >Jingle,Thanks and thanks again for the invite.Pamela

  5. >Eric,Thanks and agreed. But it is just a poem after all.;) Most things I mention are human nature and we are anything but perfect.Pamela

  6. >Carrie,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  7. >Cool poem, Nature's a pig at times. http://jessicasjapes.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/sister/

  8. >Thanks Jessica.Sometimes.Pamela

  9. >ouch!!! lol there is some good in nature as well! lol I feel like defending our mother here! Nice piece, happy potluck!http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/

  10. >lynnaima,Yup, there sure is.Thanks and same to you.Pamela

  11. >'Human Nature' is an oxymoron (LOL!)

  12. >All too true, but nature still seems to surprise people with her tricks every time. Do we think we're too smart or are we just forgetful? Liked it.

  13. >hedgewitch,Could be a combination of both. Though I've never been accused of being too smart 😉 Thanks.Pamela

  14. >Well, Eric there are plenty of morons around, wouldn't ya say?Pamela

  15. >Dear PamelaYes nature and cosmic design has a mind of its own… so better let it be… just work with the natural flow… I liked your verse sweet and simple yet carrying a powerful thought…Thanks for sharing..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah ShivayaTwitter: @VerseEveryDayBlog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  16. >You are very kind Shasi.Thank you.Pamela

  17. >http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2010/12/meet-poet-wednesday.htmlif you have a moment, please stop by the link and tell us how you love or like poets untied and the work Robert has done.Thanks a lot.Happy Wednesday!

  18. >I liked your thoughts ! good flow to the poem :)PS : I am hosting a challenge on my blog – Months of the year challenge Hope it inspires you 🙂

  19. >Jingle I read the interview and it was great.Pamela

  20. >ladynimue,Yes, I would like to write to the challenge.I will submit something this evening or first thing in the morning. Thanks for the invite.Pamela

  21. >Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution! Happy Friday!See you next time!

  22. >Thanks Jingle. Love the roses.Pamela

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