>I’ve learnt a few things day #30 PAD november chapbook challenge-lessons learned or not

>My words sometimes flow in
perpendicular directions, so
hard to make a connection
At times my words offend someone,
with no means to explain,
I feel like burying
my head in the sand,
(that’ll be a long bus ride)

Instead I move along
Take what comes my way
I write because I love to
I feel the need to say,
what’s on my mind:
Doesn’t mean I’m going over the edge

Lessons learnt are:
saddening …

Living in a world of high-technology
Placing ourselves out there to be seen
never knowing who’s behind,
a name that comes across the screen


14 responses to “>I’ve learnt a few things day #30 PAD november chapbook challenge-lessons learned or not

  1. >How true Pamela, we place ourselves out there not just for those trusted, but for the whole world to see and read…"in the sand" yes, at times it seems like a good option…but we seem to get over it and move on….very nice…bkm

  2. >Thanks Barb, but we must move along and get over it. I have met some wonderful people and well some not so.Pamela

  3. >Sometimes it's the writing down of such thoughts that keeps them from festering inside our heads.I've written things on occasion that caused people to inquire whether I was alright – which, thanks to writing, I was (and am).

  4. >Eric me too, more than I have liked. Festering is such a nasty word, don't you think?Pamela

  5. >Well, it does have a nasty 'oozy' quality to it, but it also reminds me of Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, so that counter-balances it a bit.(It's good to have such words at our disposal)

  6. >God, I had almost forgotten about Uncle Fester, I think you're right it does put things in perspective, ;)Yes, we do have a wonderful variety of words. The English language is amazing. I especially realize that after living in a Spanish speaking country.(such repetition in the language)Pamela

  7. >This is such great insight into what we as writers do when we throw our heart onto the Internet Highway…Love your way of expressing the lessons learned… There is great depth here.

  8. >Thanks littlewriter,We do put our hearts out there.Pamela

  9. >Thanks Robin.Pamela

  10. >It is always a risk to put ourselves out there for all to see, I think, Pamela. I wasn't willing to do this until some of the poetry sites inspired me to give it a try. Thankfully, most people have been nice, which is very heartening especially we write gut level..

  11. >Mary,Most people I have met have been nice and the few that weren't, well I figure they are just that wayin their normal lives, with the people they deal with. Pardon my French, but there are assholes everywhere.Pamela

  12. >Pamela, you said" I write because I love toI feel the need to say, what’s on my mind:darkdepressing ridiculousDoesn’t mean I’m going over the edge "I like this so much, Pamela. You have hit the nail on the head. It is wo wonderful to be able to just sit down and write, whatever mood I am in…happy, sad, or 'weird.'

  13. >Diane that is what it is all about. Some of us like playing music, painting or drawing, writing.I have always been involved in the arts most of my life. I was an art teacher for 20 years in the states. I now enjoy writing. I dabbled a bit when I was in high school and university. But now I just want to write and whether what i write is good, bad or crappy, well it is all part of doing what we like. And what we are possibly good at.Pamela

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