>"Alicia loves to count" we write poems #30 numbers game


Seven times I ran with a rabbit,
and landed in his hole.
Two times seven they couldn’t
catch my trail.
Fourteen plus five
I rounded into a snare,
and was carried to a palace.
One plus nineteen, 
I meet with twenty Queens’ mothers.
We had herbal tea.
It was two forty-five …
(two plus forty-five)
We danced round in our pedal-pushers,
singing forty-seven giddy tunes.
As we ate 20 cupcakes,
frosted with purple moons.
When I sat to write all about it,
sixty-seven minus sixty …
Seven has forever
been a favourite,
indivisible by any.

22 responses to “>"Alicia loves to count" we write poems #30 numbers game

  1. >This is enormous fun, zany excellence!Proofreader's hat on (scusi): pedal-pushers – the origin being trousers made for bicycling!

  2. >Oh I love this! Enormous fun and a great way to interpret the prompt. I wish you had a like button!

  3. >love it,Glad to see you write number game poem.smart take.keep it up.

  4. >(aussshh) Noted and corrected Viv, Thanks.Glad you liked it.Pamela

  5. >Tilly, thanks and just you saying so in good enough. This was my third poem written to the prompt the first two I trashed.Pamela

  6. >Thanks much Jingle.Pamela

  7. >Oh, I envy you. You found magic in the numbers and so much fun. And all the smiles come shining through. Love it,Elizabeth

  8. >Thanks Elizabeth, my first two attempts were dry and kind of depressing. And I thought why not have fun with this. I've never been much of a mathematics scholar, but I know the basics. :)Pamela

  9. >We can always COUNT on you for a great One Shot!

  10. >Thanks Eric but this is submitted for we write poems. But I appreciate the nice comment.Pamela

  11. >This is such a delightful poem Pamela. I like it!

  12. >Thanks so much Irene. I had fun writing it.Pamela

  13. >Okay then…We can always count on you for a great We Write!(Sorry, I get confused after reading so many!)

  14. >Happens sometimes, I know!Pamela

  15. >A very delightful poem, Pamela. Numbers in abudance!

  16. >Thanks Mary, I had fun writing this poem.Pamela

  17. >Seems like a good numbers game you played there! LOL 🙂

  18. >Thanks Jinksy I had fun doing it :)Pamela

  19. >Thanks Gautami.Pamela

  20. >I *love* this. I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland anyway, but the imagery and the way you weaved the numbers into the poem was magical.-Nicole

  21. >Nicole I had loads of fun writing this. I had written two others before this. They were a bit dark and I decided to go in another direction.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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