>"in a dream, as in a movie" monday poetry potluck #13-dreams, visions, reveries

>I dreamt I was directing,
a fantastic Hollywood production.
Carrying the brightest light of a moonbeam.
It took me to a place,
I had envisioned in the darkness,
when by myself.
Where it’s calm and peaceful.
And the stars were dressed in white.
Silver spangles hanging from
their waste coats.  
In the script, it was written
“We merely exist as one”
Showing different sides for
the world to see,
a table moved, skidded
across the linoleum.
My fantastic chair fell … 
It brought me to reality,
reveries will do that.


19 responses to “>"in a dream, as in a movie" monday poetry potluck #13-dreams, visions, reveries

  1. >Beautiful! I love the message "We merely exist as one." Dreams bring some truths!

  2. >Enjoyed this poem very much. 'Waste coats'? Deliberate spelling? If so, it works tangentially.

  3. >Lovely dream of all existing as one… Oh, but the last lines, the chair falling would bring one from the reverie, wouldn't it… LOL.

  4. >My fantastic chair fell… Assume you woke up! A dreamy poem!

  5. >A well structured tale; and full of truth too.

  6. >Sherry, if it were only true, but the harsh reality is that is does not exist. Thanks. There too many hateful people in the world.Pamela

  7. >Yes, Gordon as opposed to "waistcoat" which wouldn't fit well in the poem and what I am trying to say. It seems sometimes it is futile to try and co-exist with others. Even if they are miles away. Thanks.Pamela

  8. >reflections I have fallen off my daydreaming chair more than once, lol.Pamela

  9. >Diane, yup I am wide awake now. That reverie thing isn't all it claims to be. Thanks.Pamela

  10. >Thanks for the visit fiveloaf.Pamela

  11. >Some truth and some fiction old ollie.Pamela

  12. >simply fantastic …love your envisions.well done.A+

  13. >Thanks much Jingle.And also for the invite.Pamela

  14. >you've captured the moment you describe nicely with well crafted imagery — it's like seeing flashes of images. Enjoyed the read.

  15. >Thanks for the visit Helena.Pamela

  16. >Cool groove with a great dose of reality

  17. >Oh, it is reality AB.Thanks.Pamela

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