>She loves him #31 we write poems-love


Disembodied spirit
for a lousy tomcat club.
“You don’t love me”
How is it even an option, poor girl.
With her spoiled frock all frayed
about the edges.
“I really care about you, honest”
Muddy waders left at the front door.
Showing the miles he had trekked,
unrelentingly passing his scent from
one to another – pussy willow.
Pitiable girl, her once raven black locks now
streaked with grey.
A beauty in her day, but now a sad shell.
Her britches splitting at the seams,
instead of sewing up the sides.
She is still looking for love
in the most unlikely places.

20 responses to “>She loves him #31 we write poems-love

  1. >And love does happen. In the unlikeliest of place…destined wanderings

  2. >as long as it's not the wrong places..a lovely lovelorn cat tale.

  3. >I think love can be found in unlikely places but more by accident. Actively looking for love in the most unlikely places sounds like a recipe for heartache to me.

  4. >Do we ever stop, I wonder? A sad poem, Pamela.

  5. >A brilliant poem! Nothing like the smell of pussy willows!

  6. >Doesn't she love him for the long trek, for his good manners in leaving the muddy boots at the door? Oh, I do hope it all ends happily after.

  7. >A sad commentary but a very interesting poem. Our basic need for love must be met first.

  8. >A lovely play with words Pamela. Simple. Elegant. It is a sort of rocking horse rhythm, which I appreciate too. Thanks!

  9. >Gautami, it does happen at times.Pamela

  10. >Irene, yeah but sometimes it is in the wrong places.Pamela

  11. >I believe it would be Dani.Pamela

  12. >Tilly, looking for love can be very sad.Pamela

  13. >Diane, I miss pussy willows, we loads of them in New York. Thanks.Pamela

  14. >Good heavens, Viv there is more to love than manners :)Pamela

  15. >Barb, is that a polite way of saying it effing stinks?Pamela

  16. >Judy, yeah an interesting life for the poor girl.Pamela

  17. >Thanks Neil, much appreciated kind words.Pamela

  18. >My mind went to the wandering aspect of a tom cat and the faithful lady at home, beleaguered and sad. Well done.

  19. >Nicole I think things like this happen more often than not.Thank you.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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