>"beware" poets united thursday think tank #26-forgiveness

>A trouncing remark
is supposed to be forgotten.
Like a crushing boot …
Forgiveness rests within
knowing there is
no gain in retaliation.
I’ll forgive what you didn’t say.
People come – go
sometimes it’s best
While snakes live in darkness,
occasionally coming out to sun themselves.
Waiting to strike.
Slithering in my path.
Hiding in the tall grass …


24 responses to “>"beware" poets united thursday think tank #26-forgiveness

  1. >Pamela,I love the words you have written here and also what can be read, between the words!I share your sentiments with this subject…Eileen 🙂

  2. >A great piece – congrats on Blog of the Week!

  3. >Eileen, one may read lots between the words.Pamela

  4. >Ollie,Thanks on both counts :)Pamela

  5. >Pamela, I have learned it IS better to forgive, even if sometimes forgiveness is hard. But there are so often those snakes that slither in one's path!

  6. >Dear Pamela,Whoa – I'll forgive what you didn't say.Loved that so much.Loved your new Christmas look too!Now a gift for you Pamela:http://poemsbyninotaziz.blogspot.com/2010/12/inspirational-gregory-colbert.html

  7. >Mary,I just read something today that said we must work on that every day. Pamela

  8. >Thanks nino and I am getting in the spirit.Pamela

  9. >Great job, so can relate, crushing foot speaks volumes!

  10. >"I'll forgive what you didn't say" – really cool! Good one, Pamela.

  11. >Intriguing image of the snakes. Also really liked the line "I'll forgive what you didn't say."

  12. >snakes live in darkness…love the line.awesome take.

  13. >Ella,It is like someone crushing you with a boot, when they hurt your feelings.Pamela

  14. >Thanks Sherry it is harder to forgive something not said, as opposed to what they did say.Pamela

  15. >Dani thanks for the visit.Pamela

  16. >Jingle thanks.Pamela

  17. >Very well said, and it is better to forgive. Difficult as is it.

  18. >Agreed groundtoground!Pamela

  19. >I'll forgive what you didn't say.A sure fire road to peace!

  20. >there is indeed no gain in retaliation… well, except wrinkles. i love your poem!

  21. >Jinksy,Easier said than done.Pamela

  22. >Bing, who wants extra wrinkles! Thanks.Pamela

  23. >nice write , loved this one

  24. >Thanks 2wolvz.Pamela

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