>It’s so cold poets united poetry pantry #22-sunday scribblings #246-december


Decemmembris creeps back in
as I grab stones to generate
warmth within them.
Fingers rigid – palms smooth.
I roll the cold in circular motions.

Decemmembris enters on
feathers with fine edges.
Smooth to touch, the softness of
a tree’s leaf that breaks away
from the cold.

Decemmembris replaces the
warmth of summer days with
your frigid voice that bites through
the exterior, forming steamy circles
in the air becoming frozen in time.

14 responses to “>It’s so cold poets united poetry pantry #22-sunday scribblings #246-december

  1. >Wonderfully written post, =D-Weasel

  2. >"…enters on feathers with fine edges"……what a great line! Are you remembering other Decembers from your warm locale? (Lucky!!:))You express the chill factor wonderfully.

  3. >lovely capture of the season..well done.

  4. >Pamela, This is gorgeous, lush…wow! It evoked the header picture on your blog. I love that, too. ~Brenda

  5. >What an amazing imaginative journey you have taken us on. I love the image of the cold stone,and the falling leaf.

  6. >Just lovely lines and imagery..I hope the stones warm up and give some comfort..Jae

  7. >Thanks Weasel. Nice to see you back.Pamela

  8. >Sherry I have become quite a wimp when it comes to the cold. But I remember those brutal cold winters vividly. It has been chilly in the evenings lately about 30. A fireplace is the best thing to have, since these homes do not have heating installed.Pamela

  9. >Thanks Jingle.Pamela

  10. >Brenda,Thanks my friend.Pamela

  11. >Kerry,Much appreciated.Pamela

  12. >jae, nice woolly blankets work very well:)Pamela

  13. >What a flow of words. Really cool.

  14. >Such beautiful imagery in this Pamela….Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season! 🙂

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