>changing the scene we write poems #33-say what you want

>Plaster gets put over hurt …
painted with an old brush.
Many times – paint won’t adhere,
concealed behind masses of despair,
a façade you frequently wear.

We plaster it once again trying
wallpaper trimmed with fancy edges.
Expensive, unyielding
until it bursts from too much fatigue.
I have tried with my hand outstretched,
a grasp never felt …

I pulled subterfuges away – slowly.
When a sparkle came through,
a fragile dance round a subject.
Bricks and blocks come in handy,
say what you like –
I’ve never listened anyway.

Prepared with paint and plaster
in abundance of fear and suspicion.
Weeping glacial mountains that look like,
orchids in a forest flattened in bark.
Where are the conversations of mine?
Solitude’s encapsulation to erase my dread,
to reveal my words so hidden.


12 responses to “>changing the scene we write poems #33-say what you want

  1. >Pamela, I'm glad you let words fly in your poetry, instead of hiding them behind subterfuge and despair. Your work is honest and sometimes painful. Thanks for sharing yourself. It's always a treat to stop by and read.~Brenda

  2. >Pamela, this isn't a happy poem, but it certainly is a breathing and honest one. I love your metaphors and unexpected imagery. You always take me to places I recognize yet know I've never been. Thank you,Elizabeth

  3. >I need to re-read this a few times. I still don't know what it is you want. As Elizabeth says, it itn't happy.

  4. >Thanks Brenda. Hiding behind my words is not something I am accustomed to. (maybe that is why I get myself in a mess sometimes :)Pamela

  5. >Elizabeth it is quite honest in that so many people hide behind their lies or false pride.Thanks.Pamela

  6. >Viv I am simply saying as I told Elizabeth that I would like more honesty and less strife. I am a fairly happy person, but there are times when I bump into someone who just loves to upset the apple cart (so to speak).Pamela

  7. >"…weeping glacial mountains that look like, orchids in a forest flattened in bark."I really like the imagery and insight. Containing this image as happy or sad does it a disservice. There is sweetness in melancholy; sadness can be a seductively beautiful feeling.

  8. >LOTS going on here….it is ALLLLL good Pam…..thanks again….enjoy the moment and the season…..GRETINGS

  9. >Big Stew thanks and I see you are new to blogging.Keep writing you have some compelling things to say.Poem on …Happy holidays!Pamela

  10. >Wayne there are always many things going on in my brain ;)You do the same and enjoy your new granddaughter!Cheers,Pamela

  11. >This reached out to me…One great poem!Merry Christmas to you and you family!! May your muse be always with you.dead woman and her wants

  12. >Gautami thanks and may peace be with you and your family. Happy holidays.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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