>walking the tightrope big tent poetry #33-wordle

A highwire act with old ropes,
his last performance.
Then he’ll vanish …
Squeezing into leotards too small.
A slight limp from a prior fall
(maybe in the basement)
His manager says “Be swift and
immerse yourself in the role.”
Placing the ladder with strategy,
he makes the careful climb.
He steps upon the wire
only slightly off,
as he topples to the ground.
Disloyal fans hoarse from shouting,
burst into a unison of laughter that sounds
like the roar of engines.
His grand exit …

20 responses to “>walking the tightrope big tent poetry #33-wordle

  1. >I have a hard time with Wordles and you always make them look so easy. But suicide is not easy, nor an easy topic. Yet, again you make it flow to a 'grand exit.' Hope you Holiday is rich and your New Year prosperous.Elizabeth

  2. >Oh the sadness of that unison of laughter! You tell a story so well.ViV

  3. >Elizabeth thanks and I must admit these words werenot easy to work with. I wish you the same for the holidays. Pamelaox

  4. >Viv, yes the unison of laughter can be heartbreaking. Happy holidays.Pamelaox

  5. >You make the wordle seem so easy… I love your poem. Merry Christmas!

  6. >Merry Christmas to Laurie. These words were not easy.Pamela

  7. >Since I am seldom compelled to use all the words, I don't try to.The unison of laughter as you used it is a small death, compared to the larger one you tell of. The laughers die a bit inside…Thank you for your kind comment on my poem.

  8. >Mark I am always compelled to use all words. So it can add a bit of frustration to the process.It is like a puzzle. You are welcome, I enjoyed your poem and happy holidays.Pamela

  9. >A cool job you made with the wordle..it's fun to see how you write comparing to Julie's.Merry Christmas Pamela!

  10. >Many thanks Irene.I haven't seen Julie's. I must go check it out.Merry Christmas to you and yours.Pamela

  11. >Nice work! Yours is the second one I've read that went to the circus with these words – interesting.

  12. >You have presented the realistic picture of performing acrobat. The use of 'disloyal fans' is also fantastic.

  13. >Sad but compelling in its truth.

  14. >A sad tale that surely has more than a modicum of truth. Nicely done!

  15. >So interesting, I did something similar with this Wordle . . . before doing any reading. I am always interested to see how the words sometimes generate similar strands of thought. Nicely done. I hope you had a good holiday!

  16. >Thanks Donna. After reading the poems there were a few that went in that direction. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring joy.Pamela

  17. >Jagdish thanks for the visit and the comment.Pamela

  18. >Yes, Deb disloyalty is quite sad. Hope you had a happy Christmas and good luck entering into the new year.Pamela

  19. >Thanks Susan and there is some truth to this.Hope you had a merry Christmas and wishing you a happy new year.Pamela

  20. >Thanks nan I did and it still continues through the week. I hope you did as well. I am wishing you a very happy new year. I was surprised that many were directed toward the circus with these words.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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