>our conversation (never heard) – one shot wednesday #26


“What the fuck?”
(Occasionally I run into a problem)
Like a flower that starts to wilt
with tender loving care,
I’ve cut the ropes to that lifeline.
Chicken soup on the stove smells
good enough to eat, but the spices haven’t melded completely.
“What the hell am I doing cooking anyway?”
Bright lights make me nervous, I want to break them one by one.
You look wicked in those lights, not flattering at all.
Can we meet for coffee, as long as the place is far away?
It’s the grey area of your brain that interests me.
It’s astonishing when ridiculous things come out of your mouth.
I have to remind myself to say:
“What a goddamn genius!”
Better give me a call tomorrow,
I’ll be available.

10 responses to “>our conversation (never heard) – one shot wednesday #26

  1. >Paul just a bit of sarcasm :)Glad ya liked it.Pamela

  2. >Awesome write 😉 Love and Light, Sender

  3. >Thanks sender.Pamela

  4. >jbf I wasn't sure about opening that way. But I did.Pamela

  5. >He'd be a goddamn fool NOT to call you. :)(By the way, I make some pretty good chicken noodle soup!)

  6. >I'll keep that in mind Eric :)Pamela

  7. >I love this one, Pamela! Way cool!

  8. >Sherry,Haven't we all been there?

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