>"sexy stockings" we write poems #34 the last line is the first

She tells you she can fly …
The girl with the dragon tattoo.
Takes you to her room:
fishnet, lace, decorated with silky bows
magenta, black, red or the rare virginal white
in a pile on the floor.
Stilettos, sling-back pumps, knee-high boots,
costumes for every occasion.
Seduction, temptation is her plot …
Young girl that moves like a gazelle
gracefully through the crowd,
sizing up the innocent
with her lustrous eyes, lined in kohl.
What catches the crowd’s attention:
Stockings wrapped firmly about her thighs.
I watch as she picks her victim,
with her beautiful smile and those sexy
stockings … she’ll take you on a flight …

the first two lines are from “dragons fly”


31 responses to “>"sexy stockings" we write poems #34 the last line is the first

  1. >A sexy list poem! So many young beautiful girls around. Love the title.

  2. >Sultry descriptions that create a sense of knowing seduction. Nice work!

  3. >I wanted to tidy up the piles on the floor. I'll never shake off my housewifely instincts.

  4. >It is a shame that the allure of fishnet, bows, and stockings has been lost on a generation that cannot understand the attraction. Layers to tantalize desire. Sensual, descriptive and captivating. I enjoyed the moves, a lot!Regards,Don

  5. >I know her, not just from the book, but have watched her with envy at different times in my existence. The way she plants her feet, and dresses herself in a speaking manner. You have captured her well, and clearly. Elizabeth

  6. >Pamela, You've captured a person we all know and have seen out in the world. Elizabeth is right on. Beautiful piece, great imagery, ghosts of the woman linger…Well done!

  7. >I really love this piece! Thanks so much!

  8. >Thanks Irene, I hadn't even realized it was a list poem. Pamela

  9. >Adam thanks and it is nice to meet you.Pamela

  10. >Well someone has got to clean up the mess, Viv.Pamela

  11. >Yes, somethings are lost on the younger generation. Thank you Donald and a feliz ano nuevo to you.Pamela

  12. >Elizabeth, we have all seen her from time to time.Happy New Year.Pamela

  13. >Brenda thanks much and a happy New Year to you.Pamela

  14. >Annell, thanks for the kind words.Pamela

  15. >I'm a sucker for anything connected to dragons.(Especially those in sexy stockings!) ;)Nice One Shot, Pamela!

  16. >Thanks, Eric. Nice to see you and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I am wishing you a prosperous New Year.Pamela

  17. >This is truly captivating Pamela….hope you have a wonderful New Year! 🙂

  18. >I wish the same for you Carrie.Pamela

  19. >nice…love the sensuality of this…there is something to the build up in the elements…though there is a sadness in her preying…

  20. >Yes Brian there is a sadness within someone who behaves like that. A part of them has a void.Thanks for the visit and the comment. Nice to see you.Pamela

  21. >ah..stockings…you have written beautifully.Happy New Year!

  22. >Very sensual with an aftertaste of sadness. Good work, Pam. Happy and creative 2011.My one shot: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/12/29/song-of-songs-one-shot-wednesday/

  23. >Thanks Uma and same to you.Pamela

  24. >Victoria I hope the same for you.Pamela

  25. >Loved it. I only wished I could close my eyes to read it. The beauty of the seductress and yet the sadness and emptiness.I have known her from both sides.Beautifully written, seductive and sensuous.

  26. >By the way, I really like the photo as well!

  27. >tolbert, thanks on both counts. I just visited your blog and I love your writing and the write up.Pamela

  28. >A very, very sensual poem. You probably read the Steig (sp) books. I know many people have liked them. I can't remember the last time I wore nylons, fishnet or otherwise. I only wear dresses in summer when I can go bare-legged. LOL. Pamela, thanks for your support in various places!! I hope you have a very happy new year.

  29. >Thanks Mary. I just got the trilogy for a Christmas present from my husband. I just started "the girl with the dragon tattoo". Mary I don't wear nylons or fishnet. Bare-legged is the only way to go :). I virtually live in summer year round lately. (for the past 9 years)I also hope you have a wonderful New Year.Filled with only the best.Pamela

  30. >Great Christmas Stockings Pam…love those fishnet…reminds me of how old I really am…but that is ok….Happy New Year to you also…so happy it is here…it is all to much by the time it is over..how I can breathe again, and thank God have time to write again….blessings…bkm

  31. >Yeah, Barb it is a reminder, that I never liked them to begin with. I will happy when the festivities are over. Though I love to see my friends, I love my quiet time also.Pamela

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