>A list with Lou Reed & John Cale – Berlin – Bataclan ’72


In a drawer of an antique bureau
a yellowing, frayed piece of paper
scrawled memories … a passing year
Triumph, fear, derisiveness, happiness
Triumph of accomplishments
I’ll try to recall what I did
I’ll try to forget how it felt
I’ll try to hold my tongue
I’ll try to appreciate more
A list prepared
As I build the fire
To toss the bad away
Only retaining the good
My list goes up in flames
Ashes floating in the night


30 responses to “>A list with Lou Reed & John Cale – Berlin – Bataclan ’72

  1. >I really like this – especially the last three lines. Excellent.

  2. >uplifting message sent here.

  3. >Greetings!I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36… This is a golden opportunity for you to make NEW poetic friends, and have your talent directly exposed to a community of talented poets… Enter your entry here if you are ready Hope to see you in, Happy Friday, best wishes for the year of 2011.xoxox

  4. >Good words, good advice! Happy New Year!

  5. >fire as an image for contemplation and purification = perfect this time of year!

  6. >The last three lines strike a chord with me (and others, it seems)..and .Lou Reed and John Cale are a nice bonus.

  7. >Pamela, like your list and the burning on the end. Vivid, as well as mindful. Wishing you all good things in the coming year,Elizabeth

  8. >Oh yes, burn that list of negatives and let's start the new year with hope. Nice, Pam.

  9. >nicely done with the LIST poem Pam…..cheers…happy trails….and gooooood health in 2011

  10. >Wonderful advice to toss the bad away and only retain the good. A perfect poem for new year's eve!

  11. >"ashes floating in the night"….wonderful writing, Pamela!!!!!! Looking forward to reading more of your great poems in 2011.

  12. >Wow- great poem! What a clever idea to use a list. I would love to burn away all my mistakes. Great imagery, and happy new year!

  13. >A great approach to the prompt, Pamela. I particularly like the middle section with its stop-start effect.Happy New Year!

  14. >A clever way of recall, a list. Burn away the bad and retain the good. Very philosophicalHappy New Year to you, Pam!

  15. >Hi Pamela. I really like this–lots of wisdom here! I will try to follow your example. :0)

  16. >Ooops. Hi Pamela the above comment is actually mine, not Rick's. Didn't realize the computer was signed into my hubby's blogger account!

  17. >nan, thanks and happy New Year.

  18. >Same to you Jingle and I may try.My writing schedule is pretty fullright now.Pamela

  19. >Joyce letting go of the bad is best.Happy New Year to you.Pamela

  20. >carolees it is a tradition here in Mexico.Pamela

  21. >Yes, Donna it seems that way. You have to love Lou, he was something in his day.Pamela

  22. >I wish the same for you Elizabeth. I am glad I have met you :)Pamela

  23. >It's the only thing to do Victoria.Pamela

  24. >Cheers to you Wayne. Wishing the same to you and yours.Pamela

  25. >Happy New Year Cara.Pamela

  26. >Sherry, I am looking forward to more of your writing also.Pamela

  27. >Laurie many thanks and happy New Year to you.Pamela

  28. >Thanks Tilly and happy New Year to you and your family.Pamela

  29. >Happy New Year to you kaykuala.Pamela

  30. >No worries, Erin. Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

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