>He’ll be watching … poets united thursday think tank #30-observation

>Crouched in a tower,
observing the misguided below.
Snarling with teeth bared,
he licks his lips wanting new flesh.
“Idiots” he says to no-one …

Lying in the streets in worn-out clothes
memories clasped to his chest.
A child cries somewhere in an abandoned field.
Hunger is encapsulating the exterior,
grasping at the line of life’s support.
Threadbare and falling to pieces,
disintegrating hopes as people scurry.
Advertisements of youth, (it can be bought)
Shed the weight of abusive gorging …
Slender figures of maidens –  smiling.
Comfort for the unseen but worthy ones,
like ants crawling all over each other
reciting over and over:
“I will tread on you to get what is mine”


12 responses to “>He’ll be watching … poets united thursday think tank #30-observation

  1. >This one is most excellent – submit this one!

  2. >Powerfully written last line! Excellent post ^^-Weasel

  3. >Agreed powerful poem, the first stanza and last line — excellent and all in between…bkm

  4. >Thanks Ollie. You really think I should submit this?Pamela

  5. >Thanks Weasel, it is nice to see you back writing :)Pamela

  6. >Thanks Barb, it is nice to be on fb with you.Pamela

  7. >Whoa, Pamela. This is chilling and raw. A 'pleasure' to read because it really woke me up. (It's been pretty slow and lazy after New Year.)

  8. >Thanks nino, the world is full of people like this.

  9. >Wow, so much humanity in your words! Great imagery, so powerful! I really enjoyed this poem~

  10. >Pamela,An excellent reflection on the world of today. An 'I'm all right Jack', observation…You have been very busy writing Pamela. Great words!Happy New Year too.Best wishes, Eileen

  11. >Ella, thanks for saying so.Pamela

  12. >Thanks Eileen and yes people are pretty much like this now. Sadly so.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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