>"a saturday afternoon" poetry tow truck #2-Channel Surfing: Brought to You in Living Color

>Lying on the grass,
leaves dropping from branches
Smell of the ocean nearby,
the sky was clear and bright
You walked away in faded jeans,
I watched your car’s taillights blinking
Slowly disappearing …

process notes:
Colours I chose were:
red: taillights
blue: ocean, car, sky, jeans
green: leaves, grass
The movie was horrible and I don’t
remember the name because the title
was in Spanish. Basically the beginning
of the movie was devoid of colour.
(actually I fell asleep about a half an hour into it).

8 responses to “>"a saturday afternoon" poetry tow truck #2-Channel Surfing: Brought to You in Living Color

  1. >The beginning sounds so tranquil yet leads to a goodbye. At least you got something out of a bad movie!

  2. >Donna this was a very creative exercise. I enjoyed it. I only wish the movie had been better.On the upside I fell asleep earlier:)

  3. >Sat through a lot of bad movies this past year, LOL! Wonderfully written work ^_^-Weasel

  4. >Your comments made me smile, Pamela. I can see you really tried. I looked for a movie too…found Forrest Gump (hadn't remembered the ocean part I came about with Forrest – LOL), but only watched long enough to find colored things. I generally watch the news, which wouldn't have worked. LOL. I did enjoy the concept. Could be useful in finding things to write about in the future. I like what you did with the prompt, boring movie or not.

  5. >Weasel, there are some stinkers on tv at times.Thanks.Pamela

  6. >Mary, I did try and managed to accomplish it. This was a fantastic prompt. I agree it is a good concept for writing. My husband has told me the name is "the cradle". So, if you should see that title avoid it at all costs. He thought I was awake and ended up watching it (more or less).Payback for all that football on in my house during season 🙂 Pamela

  7. >I love this snippet – the smell of the ocean, the faded jeans, walking away……evocative.

  8. >Hi Sherry! Thanks much!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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